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Starting a wholesale beauty business takes a significant investment. Such an investment can only be protected by making the right decisions from the onset. Whether it is a physical cosmetics shop or an online store, selecting the right products to stock remains a vital step in running a successful wholesale makeup products business. A wrong choice of products may kill your investment and quite possibly leave you bankrupt. 

To get your wholesale makeup products, you either have to go through a supplier or get your products directly from a manufacturer. Don’t have to worry since most online marketplaces for beauty products go the extra mile to bring together qualified manufacturers and suppliers so you have a pool to choose from. A good example is Beauty Sourcing has a platform with thousands of vetted manufacturers and suppliers of beauty products. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice

Makeup Brand

There are thousands of cosmetic brands across the globe. However, consumers tend to lean towards brands with high-quality beauty products. Selecting products from brands that enjoy such popularity is a good start for your wholesale beauty business. It is all about giving customers what they want.

Market Trends

In the world of beauty, there is always a range of trending products and like all things trendy, they sell fast. You need to find out the kind of makeup that is trending. It is the only way to stay ahead and keep your customers happy.

Supplier Cost

The prices of makeup products may vary from or supplier to the next. As a wholesaler, you need to understand what your customers may be willing to pay for the beauty product you select. This will then inform the price at which you expect to get the beauty products from the supplier or the manufacturer. Moreover, you need to factor in shipping costs, and warehouse costs before setting your prices wholesale. The goal is to make sure you select products that are affordable to your target market.


Different makeup manufacturers specialize in different areas of beauty products. Manufacturers that specialize in specific types of beauty products often have fine-quality products. If you order outside a company’s specialty, chances are they are going to outsource. In addition to not being able to guarantee the quality of the products, you are also likely to get the beauty products at inflated prices which you will then pass to consumers.


The wholesale makeup products you select for your business need to be within your budget. Don’t buy high-end products if your budget is limited. Instead, go for products that are affordable because it will be easier to make bulk purchases.

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The kind of makeup you sell needs to be easily accessible whenever and wherever your customer places an order. Remember the whole idea of being a beauty products wholesaler is to bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer. Selecting beauty products that are not locally made requires that you have a manufacturer with a pipeline for the smooth shipping of products.  


There is no business without ethics. Stocking your beauty wholesale beauty with products from a manufacturer or supplier with questionable ethics is suicide. Not only do you risk passing down bad products to your customers but also put your business in the line of fire should customers boycott makeup products from such suppliers.

Target market

Before venturing into the wholesale cosmetics business you need to identify your target market. Is it the high spenders or the middle-income persons? Additionally, you need to decide which demographics you are going after, whether it is the youth or the older demographics. Answering these key questions is important in helping you decide the kind of products to select for your wholesale business.

Government Policies. 

Existing legislation on the importation of beauty products may also help you select the beauty products for your wholesale business. For instance, you cannot import beauty products that are banned in the country, and neither can you import or sell products from enemy states.

Environmental Factors

Reducing the carbon footprint is everyone’s responsibility. You can play your part by choosing beauty products packaged in recyclable material or products that are more kind to the environment.

When dealing with wholesale makeup products, you need to be extra careful with your choice of products.  Be sure to keep an accurate inventory so that you can order beauty products that are running low in good time.

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