Seerat Kapoor on Bollywood debut Maarrich, reacts to North-South divide

South actress Seerat Kapoor will soon make her Bollywood debut with Maarrich. In an exclusive conversation with, the actress opened up about her role, and also reacted to the North-South divide.

Seerat Kapoor will be seen next in Maarrich.

By Grace Cyril: After spreading her magic in the South industry, Seerat Kapoor is all set to win hearts with her Bollywood debut now. The actress will be seen next in Maarrich alongside Tusshar Kapoor. The film is all set to hit the theatres on December 9. Ahead of that, Seerat got into an exclusive conversation with where she opened up about her debut in the Hindi film industry, the North-South divide, working with Tusshar Kapoor and much more.

“MY CHARACTER TAUGHT ME THE NEW DEFINITION OF BOLD”Seerat Kapoor said that crime thrillers like Maarich are very subjective to the audience. “More importantly, it’s the sensibility of the filmmaker that goes behind. If you look at any film, you might see repetitive genre but that same genre evokes a different emotion in you because it has been treated differently. That’s the uniqueness that Maarrich brings across.”

Talking about her role, Seerat said, “It’s challenging to play any character because at the end of the day you are training your mind to believe like a completely different person. In that sense, my character Reena is different in so many ways. Playing her allowed me to also open up my mind horizons. There is always a give and take because there are so many behavioural patterns here. On the whole, Reena is a very bold person. She has the ability to make a decision unapologetically without hurting someone. That, for me, is the new definition of bold. That is something the audience will also take back from her character.”

“THERE’S SO MUCH TO LEARN FROM BOTH INDUSTRIES”After working in South cinema, Seerat is making her debut in Bollywood with Maarrich. Talking about that, she said, “The debut always feels grand and special. I am so fortunate to start my journey with Tusshar and his production. The writing and the subject of this story has been so unique that I felt was the newest element of the project. As actors, we tend to come across many characters but this, for me, stood out because of the way it was written and it had a freshness to it that really appealed to me.”

Opening up on the North-South debate, Seerat said, “Industry-wise, I don’t think that there are any differences as much as there are similarities. At the end of it, it is a creative process and everyone is coming together to bring the audience a certain visual. There is so much to embrace from both sides of the industry. There is a positive to take back from.”

“TUSSHAR KAPOOR IS VERY PATIENT WITH THE CREW ON SETS”Seerat is all praises for her co-star Tusshar Kapoor. She said, “It’s always said that Tusshar is very introverted but he is absolutely not. Maybe he is selective about who he interacts with because he is so clear about who he is. If he matches your wavelength, then he is the friendliest person. I want to break the bubble that Tusshar is a very fun-loving and interactive person unlike what I heard before I got into the project. Everytime, before and after a shot, he will be ideating his scene or his dialogues. There is always something going on in his mind and you can always sense that aura around him. I am talking about the shots that’s already been okayed by the director but he is still in that kind of thinking space. He finds any way to improvise. He always tries to make a more authentic and realistic version of what is on paper. That quality is very enduring because it shows he’s not doing any formality but it’s his passion.”

Seerat added, “He is also absolutely very patient with the crew on sets. When Tusshar comes on sets, he doesn’t have to say much because everyone just quietens up. He has that kind of discipline and energy. He walks in with a smile and he is the first one to greet everyone.”

“I HAD NO ONE TO GUIDE ME”Talking about her journey in the film industry, Seerat Kapoor said, “I have had no regrets because I believe that every phase in my life has happened for a reason. We as individuals and humans put these expectations that it has to happen by now. I am a firm believer of things transpiring around your mind. I am very grateful looking back because I have not had anyone to guide me through this journey. I had to figure it out by myself as do so many others. That has taught me a lot about myself as well apart from the professional person as people perceive me as. When I switch off my lights at night and go to be bed, it’s me I am still connected to in the end. Being around the chaos but still being within yourself is definitely something the industry has taught me.”

ABOUT SEERAT KAPOORSeerat Kapoor began her career as an assistant choreographer when she was just 16 years old. She made her acting debut in 2014 Telugu film Run Raja Run. Seerat trained as an actor at her cousin’s grandfather’s institution, Roshan Tanejaa School Of Acting. In 2015 Madhu B and NV Prasad signed Seerat to play Ganga in action film Tiger. Her next release (2015) came alongside Sumanth Ashwin in the R. Shamala directed romantic comedy, Columbus. Her latest release was on Netflix titled Krishna and His Leela (2020).

ABOUT MAARICHTusshar Kapoor’s much talked about murder mystery film, Maarrich, will hit the theatres on December 9. Maarrich stars Tusshar along with an ensemble cast consisting of veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, Rahul Dev, Seerat Kapoor and Anita Hassanandani. It is directed by Dhruv Lather and produced by Tusshar Kapoor. The upcoming film promises to have ample doses of suspense and an intriguing storyline. In the film, Tusshar plays the role of a badass police officer who is on a chase to find Maarrich, the biggest evil.

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Dec 2, 2022

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