Seeking For Better Indoor Air Quality? Know About HVAC IAQ Products

Let’s breathe in the air of freshness!

John Muir, an influential Scottish-American naturalist famously said, “Our bodies were made to thrive only in pure air, and the scenes in which pure air is found.” Even though there are plentiful aspects that determine the betterness of human health, the quality of air is the pressing matter. Concerning the significance of indoor comfort especially during the prevalence of COVID-19, the industry brings forward new trends and technologies in the form of HVAC IAQ products to boost structural efficiency.

Jump in to know about the HVAC Indoor Air Quality system to breathe it all in!

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of air within buildings and structures. According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), IAQ influences the health and comfort of the individuals living in specific buildings. To ensure the risk of low health concerns, it is essential to make IAQ efficient using certain products and technologies.

How Does HVAC System Help To Improve Air Quality?

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning) is a technology meant to boost the environmental status of indoor places. Deploying HVAC Air Quality Solution in building in the form of technical products helps in accessing thermal comfort and better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Surprisingly, with the advent of technology and innovation, the market at present is flooded with HVAC devices that let individuals fight air diseases by ensuring quality air. Some of these are –

  • UV Lamps/Lights

When HVAC systems single-handedly cannot ensure the prevalence of healthy air in the surroundings, UV Lamps or lights play the major role as supporters. These are sanitation devices heading towards the killing of bacteria and spores that cause mold. Placed next to the HVAC cooling system, these mitigate potential issues in the building by avoiding the entry of air pollutants.

  • Air Cleaners

One can trap or prevent even the minute dust and dirt in the premises with the use of Air cleaners. Integration of air cleaners in the HVAC system is effective in capturing bacteria, smoke, and airborne pathogens like cold viruses. Probably that is why HVAC equipment with high-rated air filters are taking the market by storm during the spilled-over of Coronavirus.

  • Humidifiers

Humidifiers are a top-notch option in the cold atmosphere as they add moisture to the air, thus preventing the risk of respiratory problems. It can be directly installed in the cooling or heating solution to maintain comfortable humidity for healthier living.

  • Exhaust Fans

Be it ducted or non-ducted, Exhaust fans are a simpler yet powerful solution to let the flow of pollutants in the air move to the outside. In other words, installing exhaust fans in the buildings can help to build sufficient ventilation and freshness. However, as a certain amount of dust is stored in the ventilation ducts during operation, it is suggested to make use of high-quality HVAC cleaning products to get rid of contamination.

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms

To prevent the flow of the most harmful gas in the air, that is Carbon Monoxide inside the building, Carbon Monoxide alarms can be set in the living room. It will detect the gas and will warn the individuals about its possibility to enter the space.

Can HVAC IAQ Solution Help In Mitigation Of COVID-19?

HVAC is a buzzword in today’s world with bounteous benefits such as ensuring easy breathing, better sleep, eliminating odors, and removing allergens and pathogens. In connotation to this, using IAQ products in the buildings can definitely decrease the risk of Coronavirus as these don’t let the virus stay longer in the air. Besides, the use of HVAC cleaning products integrated with UV light and bipolar ionization technology destroy the virus particles in the system, making it all clean and safe.

In other words, installing the HVAC products integrated with bipolar ionization technology may not mitigate the spread of Covid-19 completely but can help in the reduction of its transmission.

Key Takeaways

Making sure the quality of air in the living space is a way to maintain a healthier life. Harnessing HVAC Air Quality solutions in the building act as a shield against air pollutants and airborne pathogens. Thus, have no second thought before the selection of such a solution making your pandemic extra safer and smoother.