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SecureSave’s secret weapon: Suze Orman


Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the startup business, where we unravel the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

This is our Wednesday show, where we narrow down to one person, reflect on their work, and unwrap the rest. This week, Mary Ann jumped on the mic with number one best-selling author, producer, personal finance thought leader, and host of the Women & Money podcast, Sue Orman. We follow up Suze’s not-so-surprising startup debut with Store securelywhat the company has been doing and how Suze feels about protecting workers in today’s economy.

This is what we started:

  • How little money many Americans have saved for emergencies and how SecureSave wants to change that
  • How inflation can make it harder for people to save when they have less money to do so
  • We ended, as always, with a “lightning” round of Q&A where Suze revealed her secret weapon to success

For the startup founders listening, today is your last chance to register for the Startup Battlefield 200 at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023! Fill out those applications while you still can, and Mary Ann and Alex will be back on Friday to wrap up your week with a special guest.

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