Secure Your Apps from External Threats

For modern users it is necessary to have a smarphone as with the help of this device one can do many things. Those who love to do online communication and entertainment it can prove as a good option. One needs to take right actions to safeguard the device as in case of any trouble with the system it can be a tough time for the user. 

The number of attacks on various apps has increased in recent years. The future looks scary as more and more apps are entering the market without proper security mechanisms to protect user data. Even popular apps have shown vulnerabilities in the past when attacks have happened to steal user data. In this regard, you should give importance to securing your mobile apps from various external threats. In most cases, the threat may not directly impact the working of your app and you may not even know that the app has been compromised by attackers.

Most attackers take control over the app completely or partially over a period of time and gather valuable user data that can later be used for malicious activities. In this regard, you need to understand that such attempts can bring bad name to your organization. The only thing you can do in this situation is to choose professional services for mobile application security  to stop such hacking attempts. There are companies that can help you in this regard and they will help you to secure the mobile apps by improving various aspects of the code. They will rigorously test the app for any vulnerabilities and fix them even before the attacks happen so that you can protect your data.

How lack of security can hamper your apps?

When your apps are not secure, they can impact your business in multiple ways. Some of them may directly impact your revenues and others may indirectly affect your business by creating distrust on your brand.

Most hacking attempts on mobile apps are intended to extract customer information. In this way, the information will be shared with other companies or hackers who can use it for malicious activities like financial fraud or identity theft.

Apart from that, hackers are also well known to collect financial information of your customers by gaining unauthorized access to your apps. In this way, they will use the financial information for fraudulent transactions in future and this can negatively impact your business.

All these factors can have an adverse impact on your revenues as you may face lawsuits from customers. If this happens, you have to compensate the customers for their losses due to your mistake. This can cost you more than what you have earned in the past few years if the attack is very big. The best way to avoid this is to use a secured gateway for processing payments and encrypting customer data in the proper manner.

The disasters do not end with this and this can have a permanent dent on your brand value in the long run. You may not find it easy to get customers in future when you have such a reputation of having insecure apps for your business.

Security risks associated with apps

You need to analyze the security risks associated with the apps and ensure that they are fixed in a timely manner. Professional service providers can help you in this regard and they will perform penetration testing to find the vulnerabilities in your apps. The apps will be subjected to various attacks during the process to identify the loopholes in your code. Whenever they manage to find any loophole, they will inform you about the same and provide you with solutions to fix them in an effective manner. In this way, you can get to plug the leaks even before they create problems for your company in future.

Make logout compulsory after session ends

If you are maintaining an app for your business or planning to develop one in the near future, you need to take certain safety precautions. The biggest mistake made by most app developers is that they do not make logout compulsory as this will help users to frequently access the apps without logging every time. Even though this offers convenience for users, it can leave the app exposed for various attacks. Attackers can silently collect data when the users are not actively using the app and this can lead to various complications in the long run. The best thing you can do in this situation is to enforce compulsory logout after every session. This is very important if you are dealing with data exchange or having any sort of financial transactions through your app.

Use multi factor authentication

Yet another simple measure you can take to protect your app is that you can introduce multi factor authentication for logging into your apps. In normal circumstances, users are required to enter their regular password to login to any app. However, in some cases, the passwords can get compromised when they are not strong and attackers usually take advantage of such vulnerabilities. To avoid this, you can use two factor authentication wherein the customer is required to enter a secret code apart from the regular password in order to login to the account. In this way, the secret code can be sent to the customer separately at the time of login as a one time password. This method is very useful to improve mobile application security and it can  prevent hacking attempts in most cases.

Avoid using third party libraries while building apps

Apart from the above mentioned measures, you should also avoid using third party libraries while developing apps. Most developers find it easy to use third party libraries as this will reduce their efforts and they can finish the project in quick time. However, the third party libraries may come with some vulnerabilities or they may have compatibility issues with your code in future. Such things leave scope for a lot of vulnerabilities with your app and attackers can use this to gain control of your apps.