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Secret founder: These are the mistakes you make when washing your face and the skincare routine I swear by daily

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Dr Clara Hurst (right) and GP Dr Deb Cohen-Jones are the founders of The Secret, which offers

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An Australian skin professional has revealed the huge mistakes men and women make with their daily cleansing and the method to follow to get incredible results.

Dr Clara Hurst, owner of a skin clinic in Perth and co-founder of a highly successful skincare brand, The secreturges everyone to wash their face twice a day and double cleanse at night.

‘I love using a oil cleaner in the morning. “I massage this into dry skin for about 60 seconds and then add water to emulsify and break down the oils, and rinse,” the radiant medical professional told FEMAIL.

‘At night I remove my makeup with a cleansing balm For a deeper clean, add water again to emulsify before rinsing. I then follow with an oil cleanser or a gentle cream-based cleanser.

Dr Clara Hurst (right) and GP Dr Deb Cohen-Jones are the founders of The Secret, which offers “highly effective solutions” for the skin. They also have a base range of cleansers and sunscreens.

So what else should we do to ensure a radiant complexion and what happens to our skin if we skip a cleanse?

What are the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning?

1. Not using the correct cleanser in your skincare regimen.

2. Not cleaning enough. People should cleanse themselves at least once a day (double cleansing at night). Take your time when cleansing to ensure you properly remove all dirt, makeup, and sunscreen before beginning your skin care regimen.

3. Do not emulsify oily cleaners before rinsing.

4. Use stripping, physical or exfoliating cleansers that can damage the lipid barrier.

Dr. Clara told FEMAIL that she maintains it

Dr. Clara told FEMAIL that she keeps it “super simple” and admits that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the products, fads and treatments in the beauty industry.

What happens if you don’t clean yourself morning and night?

Generally, if you don’t cleanse your skin enough or correctly, your pores will become clogged, leading to inflammation, breakouts, and textured skin.

“One of the first questions I ask clients when they have problems with their skin is what cleanser they use,” Dr. Hurst said.

What is the best type of cleaner?

‘This depends on the skincare you are using and may be different for everyone’s needs. “However, I like to suggest a very gentle cleanser, oil- or cream-based, to make sure I don’t damage the skin too much,” Dr. Hurst said.

‘Look for emollients (moisturizing ingredients) and olive squalene (this is a hydrating ingredient that also works to reduce water loss during cleansing).

“This also allows you to focus on skin care ingredients, like retinoids and vitamin C, without having to worry about whether your cleanser is safe to use.”

At what age should you start cleaning?

“I would suggest starting around age 15, as that’s when hormones can start to change, which affects the skin,” Dr. Hurst said.

“Sunscreen and dirt buildup is often the cause of teenage breakouts and can be easily controlled with a good cleanser.”

How does Dr. Clara Hurst care for her skin?

Skin care routine:

– The secret cleansing oil

– The Essentials Set by The Secret Skincare ($500): a day cream, a night cream and an eye treatment according to your own needs.

– Mesoestetic Tinted Sunscreen ($89)

Additional Tips:

– I let my skin breathe throughout the week and leave makeup for special occasions

– I love taking care of my skin from the inside out, which is why I incorporate By Beth Collagen ($150) into a smoothie most mornings.

Secret founder These are the mistakes you make when washing

Don’t forget to remember your plane routine.

“This is probably the most important time to focus on keeping your skin as clear as possible,” Dr. Hurst said.

‘Travelling can wreak absolute havoc on your skin due to changes in environment, temperatures, humidity and more. It tends to dehydrate the skin, leading to inflammation and sometimes overcompensation of oil, leading to breakouts.

“Keeping your skin well cleansed and hydrated with ingredients like B5, hyaluronic acid, and camellia oil while traveling is probably my biggest tip.”

Try Dr. Hurst’s Cleansing Hack

Our Cleansing Balm can also be used as a hydrating mask,” said Dr. Hurst.

‘I apply this to already cleansed skin (using my Oil Cleanser). After 10 to 15 minutes I add warm water and emulsify on the skin for 60 seconds, rinse and dry.

“It has ingredients like camellia oil, which is super soothing and calming for the skin, so leaving it on for longer periods is always good advice.”

How is The Secret Cleansing Balm different?

“It was designed to perfectly complement our range of prescription products and is packed with lipid-loving ingredients to nourish and support the skin, whilst also working as a make-up remover,” said Dr Hurst.

‘Our cleansing balm takes your cleansing routine to the next level, not only effectively removing dirt, impurities and makeup, but also improving barrier function and improving product absorption.

“Of course, this is non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.”

What are you doing? The secret cleansing balm outstanding among others?

The Secret Skincare’s New Cleansing Balm (RRP $65) It is a buttery soft cleansing balm for all skin types; The daily essential you won’t want to be without.

This luxurious balm-to-oil cleanser effortlessly removes makeup, sunscreen and impurities, revealing a soft, calm and hydrated complexion.

Expertly formulated, it combines camellia oil, emollients and olive squalene to hydrate, protect and soothe the skin, improving skin barrier function and improving product absorption.


• Moisturizes skin: Hydrating ingredients work to hydrate and lock in moisture.

• Soothes and softens the skin: emollients and oils work to calm and soften the complexion.

• Strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier: Antioxidants act to strengthen and protect the skin’s lipid barrier from external aggressors.

• Non-comedogenic hero ingredients: • Camellia oil: soothes, softens and protects.

• Olive squalene: hydrates, moisturizes and stimulates barrier function.

• Vitamin E: protects, hydrates and strengthens the lipid barrier. • Emollients: moisturizes, protects and improves product absorption.

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