Secondary school student dies of the same Strep-A infection that caused death of six-year old a week ago.

Second elementary school student dies from the same Strep A infection that killed the six-year-old a week ago

  • The death occurred earlier this week at the primary school in Penarth, Wales
  • Comes just a week after a similar death was reported in England last Friday
  • “It is unlikely that other students will be affected,” say the school and municipality



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A primary school pupil in Wales has died of Strep A, following the death of a six-year-old from the same infection in England last week.

The death of the Victoria Primary School pupil in Penarth was today confirmed by the school as earlier this week, as well as by Vale of Glamorgan Council, the Mirror reported.

“Earlier this week it was confirmed that a student at Victoria Primary School had tragically died after contracting Strep A,” said a joint statement published by the Mirror.

“Both the school and the council would like to express their sincere condolences to the family at this incredibly difficult time.

Victoria Primary School In Penarth, Wales, Where A Primary School Pupil Died Of A Strep A Infection Earlier This Week

Victoria Primary School in Penarth, Wales, where a primary school pupil died of a Strep A infection earlier this week

Ashford Church Of England Primary School In England, Where A Six-Year-Old Student From Strep A Was Reported Dead Last Week

Ashford Church Of England Primary School In England, Where A Six-Year-Old Student From Strep A Was Reported Dead Last Week

Ashford Church of England Primary School in England, where a six-year-old student from Strep A was reported dead last week

In a statement to MailOnline, Dr Ardiana Gjini, infectious disease control consultant for public health Wales, said: ‘Public Health Wales is working with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and the Vale of Glamorgan Council following the death of a pupil at Victoria Primary School, Penarth .

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and all those affected.

“Public Health Wales cannot comment on individual cases and we ask that family privacy be respected.

‘Public Health Wales works closely with the school to raise awareness about invasive group A streptococcal disease (iGAS) where appropriate.

‘Although it is unlikely that their child will be affected by an iGAS infection, relevant persons are advised to familiarize themselves with the symptoms and what to do if these symptoms occur.

Contracting iGAS disease through contact is very rare. Most people who come into contact with Group A Streptococcal infection remain healthy and symptom-free, or develop mild throat or skin infections.’

What is Strep A and how do you recognize it?

Strep A is a group A streptococcal (iGAS) infection, affecting the throat and skin

Most cases cause only mild illness, but some can be life-threatening

The infection can lead to scarlet fever, which was widespread in the Victorian era

Symptoms include a rash on the throat, tongue and skin, vomiting and diarrhea

The disease is treatable with antibiotics

People with the above symptoms should immediately call 111

Source: UKHSA

Last week, the call for a full investigation was made after a bacteria outbreak at an Ashford school led to death of a six-year-oldand another child who is taken to the hospital.

The year a pupil died after contracting the Group A Streptococcal bacterial infection, also known as Strep A, at Ashford Church of England Primary School.

A school email to parents confirmed that a second child had contracted Strep A, an infection that causes scarlet fever, but showed “positive signs.”

A third child from the same area of ​​Ashford was also said to suffer from scarlet fever.

Despite the serious cases of Strep A at the school, photos taken at the scene last week showed people hedging in the school.

Both infected pupils went to the same primary school in Surrey where the outbreak occurred, and people are now searching for answers as to why this happened.

Joanne Sexton, who represents the Ashford division to Surrey County Council, said a full investigation should be carried out.

It is mainly a shock and it is very sad news. God knows how the family feels. My heart just goes out to them,” she said.

Surrey County Council issued a statement to the UK Health Security Agency last week, confirming that the situation at the school is being monitored.

MailOnline has contacted Victoria Primary School and Vale of Glamorgan Council for comment on the latest death.

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