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Season 3 turns DMZ inside out in CoD Warzone 2, here are the 6 most important changes – WhatsNew2Day


That DMZ in CoD Warzone 2 is still a beta, you can tell by the far-reaching changes and new systems in each season. So the developers are turning many elements inside out in Season 3 and adding innovations.

This time, the different active operators are reminiscent of its competitor Hunt: Showdown, where we also have several characters at our disposal. Secure (and other) specialty packs appear to draw inspiration from another extraction shooter, Escape from Tarkov.

And there is much more: We show you the six big changes that await you with the start of Season 3 on April 12, 2023 in the DMZ!

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You can watch the trailer for the release of Season 3 in Call of Duty Warzone 2 and MW 2 here:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 + Warzone 2: Official Trailer for Season 3

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2: Official trailer for Season 3

The 6 big innovations in Call of Duty DMZ

Activision goes in the new blog post detailed the changes for the DMZ mode in CoD Warzone 2. These are the innovations:

Active operators

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In DMZ, players can now have multiple active characters, starting with three. You can choose the skins from your unlocked operators and they can be independently equipped with weapons and items.

What does that mean? With the innovation, you no longer have to re-equip after each round, but can lead your prepared operators into the field. You can also develop different tactics for different tasks.

You can find more up-to-date information about Season 3 of CoD Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 here:

New DMZ equipment

With Season 3 in CoD Warzone 2 there are several new items:

Alternative backpacks

1681321864 573 Season 3 turns DMZ inside out in CoD Warzone 2

  • Safe backpacks save certain items when you die. Exceptions are Contraband items and weapons and items that you have equipped. Everything else remains whether you successfully extract or die.
  • Scavenger backpacks trade an additional weapon slot for an item slot to support the new barter system, which we will introduce to you in the next point.

Alternative plate carriers

1681321865 838 Season 3 turns DMZ inside out in CoD Warzone 2

  • 3-Plate Medic Combat Vest: This will revive your teammates faster. The same applies to using the Self-Revive Kit.
  • 3 Panel Comms Combat Vest: With this you will hear a signal when human opponents are nearby and you will see all UAVs. In addition, your own UAV is more enduring.
  • Stealth Combat Vest: This Plate Carrier automatically grants you the Ghost Perk in the DMZ.

Rebreather and Skeleton Key

1681321866 3 Season 3 turns DMZ inside out in CoD Warzone 2

Stay underwater longer with the new Breathing Device field upgrade. The Skeleton Key can be crafted and opens almost every door in the DMZ. Quasi the Warzone 2 variant of a master key.

What does it all mean? The new plate carriers in DMZ allow tactical fine-tuning and support different playstyles and goals. With the rebreather, for example, you can effectively hide under water and rotate while diving. The Skeleton Key bypasses finding (or buying) keys, but requires crafting items to do so. On the one hand, the backpacks mitigate screen death and, on the other hand, support the collection of items that are important for the new barter system.

The Barter System

1681321867 991 Season 3 turns DMZ inside out in CoD Warzone 2

Behind the name simply hides an exchange system for items. You can collect stuff in the game world and exchange it directly for items at the well-known purchase stations.

What does that mean? The barter system gives found items in DMZ more purpose than just completing collection quests. Now you can collect certain stuff to exchange it for the items you would like to use in CoD Warzone 2.


1681321868 537 Season 3 turns DMZ inside out in CoD Warzone 2

On the new workbenches, all shooting irons – especially contraband weapons – can be modified for a fee. All attachments of the corresponding weapon platform, such as sights and magazines, that you have already unlocked are available for this.

What does that mean? Finally, you don’t have to go into the field with that oddly equipped weapon that you fished out of the junk somewhere. Instead, you can enhance virtually any weapon with thermal optics, mag drums, and laser pointers. This gives more tactical freedom.

Heavy choppers and private exits

1681321869 991 Season 3 turns DMZ inside out in CoD Warzone 2

The big, heavy helicopter arrives at the DMZ. This allows you to comfortably transport an entire squad, be relatively difficult to take down, and also perform a private exfiltration by flying over the edge of the map. However, the Heavy Choppers are standing around without the required special fuel. You have to find that one first.

Also cool: In addition, you can now buy private exits at buying stations, which then only appear for you on the map.

What does that mean? If you can get the Heavy Chopper running, you can travel through the DMZ quite well armored, even with the whole squad in the hold. The private exfils are a much-needed opportunity for players who have struggled with competitive public exits.

faction, mission, bosses

1681321870 342 Season 3 turns DMZ inside out in CoD Warzone 2

DMZ also gets new tasks:

  • New faction with initially three mission levels
  • Mysterious new bosses that promise valuable loot
  • Mission Supply Run to equip fresh Operators quickly

What does that mean? The new content brings more variety and new tasks to the gameplay of the DMZ mode in Call of Duty Warzone 2. The supply runs also help to get the first equipment quickly without much effort.

How do you like the changes? Can the DMZ attract you again or are you still missing something crucial? Write your opinion in the comments!

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