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Seahawks newcomer vigorously follows up against ex-team


Dre’Mont Jones joined the Seattle Seahawks in the offseason. The deal could have actually gone through last year. However, the Denver Broncos prevented this. A decision Jones still resents his former employer.

In March 2022, the Seahawks traded Russell Wilson to the Broncos and received five picks for the 2022 NFL draft. Quarterback Drew Lock, tight end Noah Fant and defensive end Shelby Harris also moved to Seattle.

Dre’Mont Jones was also originally involved in this trade, but was ultimately not allowed to leave Denver. On Monday, the defense attorney indicated how angry he was with his superiors at the time.

“I mean, shit, they should’ve just traded me from the start,” Jones told reporters via Zoom. “I was put in the trade. Denver said no. Denver didn’t give me the respect I needed, so I’m here because they respected me from the start.”

On March 13, Jones signed as a free agent in Seattle to a three-year deal that could net him over $51 million.

Last NFL season in Denver was like a “drama”

Shortly after arriving in Washington, Jones described how horrible his final year in Denver was.

“To put it briefly, it was a lot more hectic than we would have liked,” the 26-year-old told Seattle Sports 710 radio station, again finding drastic words. “There was just too much going on, a lot of drama that was unnecessary.”

According to Jones, the team’s focus was no longer on its core business. “Football didn’t seem as important as it needed to be at one point and that sucks because it’s happening in a place that I’ve really come to appreciate.”

The Broncos ended the preseason 5-12 despite the signing of NFL superstar Russell Wilson, making it one of the biggest disappointments of the season.

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