Seahawks coach Pete Carroll wanted DK Metcalf to excrete on the SIDELINE in win vs. Detroit Lions

‘He wanted me to do it on the sidelines!’: Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told DK Metcalf to go to the bathroom at the PITCH before being carted off for a toilet break in the Detroit Lions win

  • DK Metcalf was taken to the locker room on Sunday during his match’s 48-45 win
  • Metcalf had to relieve himself of an upset stomach during the Seattle victory
  • The Seahawks overcome a spirited Detroit Lions franchise 48-45 at Ford Field
  • Metcalf was dominant in Week 4’s game with seven receptions for 149 yards
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DK Metcalf has revealed that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll wanted him to “do it on the sidelines” during the Week 4 win in Detroit.

Metcalf was hilariously driven off the field during the Seahawks’ thrilling 48-45 win over the Lions because he needed the toilet.

The wide-out nearly gave the 12th man a panic attack in the fourth quarter before it was revealed he was simply traveling to the toilet in style.

Dk Metcalf Traveled To The Seattle Locker Room And Needed The Bathroom In The Fourth Quarter

DK Metcalf traveled to the Seattle locker room and needed the bathroom in the fourth quarter

In an interview with Kay Adams Tuesday, the Seattle stud revealed the full story, including Carroll’s unusual request.

“Pete wanted me to do it on the sidelines,” Metcalf said. “I’m like, ‘No, I respect myself too much, I can’t do it on the sidelines.'”

When questioned about whether Carroll actually said that, Metcalf confirmed and told a similar story about one of the Seahawks coaches.

“Our special team coach is Larry Izzo, and he was given a game ball for being on the sidelines when he was with the Patriots.

Metcalf Was A Central Figure In Seattle'S Super Start To The Season And Impressive 5-3 Record

Metcalf was a central figure in Seattle’s super start to the season and impressive 5-3 record

“So Pete was like, ‘If Larry can do it, you can do it too.’ And I’m like, “I’m not like Larry. I don’t want to be like Larry in that respect. I’m not like Larry!”

The former Ole Miss product was taken aback by how the moment it went viral captured the imagination of NFL fans everywhere.

‘I am very surprised that the big news was that I was taken away to go to the toilet. If anyone has played in Detroit, they know it’s a long walk from the locker room to the field, and I wasn’t planning on taking that walk.”

Metcalf Was A Constant Threat To The Detroit Lions In Week 4 At Ford Field

Metcalf was a constant threat to the Detroit Lions in Week 4 at Ford Field

Metcalf revealed he was coming in and out of the driveway until he realized he couldn’t hold out any longer, resulting in his cart ride.

“So I jumped on the cart and went to the locker room — I was actually on that game too.”

The one-time Pro Bowler hilarious tweeted after the match: ‘That clinch walk didn’t make it’, followed by a laughing emoji.

“Yeah, I mean, I was in pain,” Metcalf said about his cart after the game.

‘That was it. I had a little stomach ache, I had to take care of it.’

The Fourth-Year Receiver Kept The Jokes In The Wake Of Seattle'S 48-45 Road Win

The fourth-year receiver kept the jokes in the wake of Seattle’s 48-45 road win

The Former Ole Miss Wideout Was In A Jovial Mood As He Discussed The Post-Win Journey

The former Ole Miss wideout was in a jovial mood as he discussed the post-win journey

The fourth-year receiver was pivotal in the 48-45 win, taking seven catches for 149 yards — including a 54-yard reception in the second quarter.

It was the fourth most receiving yards Metcalf has had during his NFL career.

Today, the Seahawks fly atop the NFC West with a 5-3 record and currently have a three-game winning streak.

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