Scribd & # 39; s newest reading function for reading is like CliffsNotes for the latest, best-selling books

Reading platform Scribd introduces a new way for readers to discover non-fiction books. The feature is called Snapshots and looks like a CliffsNotes version of a book that you can find on the company's platform designed to introduce potential readers to new works quickly.


Scribd was originally established as a document-sharing site and has branched into a reading platform. That enormous amount of content means that there is enough material to attract new subscribers, but it also means that there is a pitfall: how are you? find what you are looking for, or new books that you didn't know existed?

Scribd already offers readers recommendations based on their preferences and reading history. But, as the site notes, while people think reading is important, it is also a huge amount of time. Opening a book (physical or digital) is a risk; what happens when you are halfway through and discover that it is not for you? That is where this feature seems to come.

To find a snapshot, you can go to the title page of an individual title for the link or to the sidebar of the platform, which provides links to other snapshots sorted by genre. Currently the feature only contains non-fiction titles, instead of novels. The company says the individual snapshots are generated by the & # 39; own editorial content team & # 39; and that more than 500 are now available, and more will follow.

Select the one for the science history of Margot Lee Shetterly Hidden figures brings together a 23-page document, with each page summarizing each chapter of the book. You can also listen to spoken book versions of the Snapshots. It's a feature that is good to check if you want to dive into the full book, or at least if you just want to pretend you've read Michelle Obama & # 39; s To become.

The feature is the newest in a handful of new tools that the site has introduced in recent years to increase the visibility of the platform among book readers. Scribd re-introduced its unlimited e-book and audiobook subscription a year ago and started to produce its own original book-related content. Those features seem to be paying off – the site announced earlier this year that it surpassed a million paying subscribers. With this latest version, it seems that Scribd wants those million readers to spend more time reading the right books, rather than working on and giving up a few chapters.

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