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Scotland chooses a Pakistani of origin as the leader of its ruling party and as the first minister


Today, the Scottish independenceists chose the two sheikhs of Pakistani origin, for the position of leader of the “Scottish National Party” that automatically leads to the position of first minister, or local prime minister, and he is the first Muslim in the history of the British province, to assume this position pledged to lead it to achieve independence “in this generation” from Britain, and it is assumed To be elected prime minister tomorrow, Tuesday, in front of the local parliament in the capital, Edinburgh.

Hamza Haroun Youssef was elected to lead the party, succeeding the one who stepped down on February 15 from her position, which she held for more than 8 years, and she is “Nicola Sturgeon”, who remained in the position until Youssef submitted today, Monday, with a rate of 52.1%, with which he obtained 26,032 votes for the Minister of Finance, Kate Forbes, and with the victory, Youssef, who was Minister of Health in the Scottish local government, became the first Muslim to head a major political party in Britain, and to hold the position of First Minister in Scotland, which has a population of more than 5 million and 500 thousand.

It is known about Humza Haroon Yousaf that he was born 37 years ago in the city of Glasgow, to a Pakistani immigrant father and an immigrant mother from Kenya, according to what Al-Arabiya.net summarizes, his biography also contained in it, that he is close to Sturgeon, from whom he “inherits from her the sensitive mission of re-launching the independence movement.” Which loses its momentum and collides with London’s refusal to allow a new referendum,” which was expressed by the British government again today.

“We will be the generation that will achieve the independence of Scotland,” Youssef said in his victory speech, according to several British media outlets. He stressed that the Scots “need independence from now on, more than ever.” But a spokesman for the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, confirmed that Sunak is looking forward to working with the new leader of the Scottish National Party, “but rejects his call for a new referendum on independence,” adding that the Scots and all Britons hope that the politicians “focus on the issues that concern them more than Anything else, including reducing inflation and addressing the high standard of living and the backlog of hospital work,” as he put it.

And Britain finds itself, with Youssef’s arrival to the first position in Scotland tomorrow, Tuesday, in a situation that has not occurred before now in its history, as the Prime Minister is of Indian origin, while the Mayor of London is of Pakistani origin, such as Hamza Youssef, who participated in more than 50 thousand members of his party in voting today, from The origin of the electoral body is more than 72 thousand members.

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