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Scientists develop a nasal spray that treats erectile dysfunction in five minutes


Get it… your nose! Scientists develop a nasal spray that treats erectile dysfunction in five minutes

Scientists say the nasal spray can treat erectile dysfunction 10 times faster than Viagra.

Viagra was revolutionary when it hit shelves in the ’90s, but experts say it has one drawback — it takes up to an hour to work, which can ruin an instant sexual encounter.

The new experimental nasal spray treatment, called SPONTAN, caused an erection in as little as five minutes in early trials and could be available in the United States in the next two years.

Experts say they are developing a Viagra spray that could be available in the United States in just two years. Works within five to 15 minutes

The treatment, called Spontan, has shown promise in early proof-of-concept studies (pictured).  It is set to be tried in a larger study in California

The treatment, called Spontan, has shown promise in early proof-of-concept studies (pictured). It is set to be tried in a larger study in California

Lee Rodney, who heads up the Australian company developing the spray, noted that it may be the most important advance in helping men maintain an erection since the advent of Viagra.

About 30 million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction, or the inability to get or maintain an erection during sexual activity.

When a man becomes erect, the smooth muscles around the penis relax allowing blood to flow into the area.

For those with erectile dysfunction, this system may be disrupted by heart disease or emotional issues such as stress and anxiety that limit blood flow to the penis.

Viagra works by relaxing the muscles around the penis, allowing more blood to flow into it. The medicine also makes the blood flow more easily.

When aroused, the increase in blood flow allows a man to get a stronger erection.

The drug must be taken orally and takes 30 minutes to an hour to start because it is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

But doctors at Brisbane-based LTR Pharma are now working on a spray called SPONTAN.

This version will use the drug vardenafil, which is sold under the brand name Levitra. This is different from Viagra, which uses the drug sildenafil.

The treatment works faster than standard Viagra because it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the nose.

Early evidence of concept studies in California showed that the treatment acted within five to 15 minutes.

It is now moving on to larger trials in Australia, which will begin recruiting men in the second half of this year.

These trials are expected to begin reporting results in the first half of next year.

If successful, the company says it will apply to the Food and Drug Administration for approval of its drug. This is expected by 2025.

“Our nasal delivery bypasses the digestive tract, so it goes straight into the bloodstream and has an effect within five to 15 minutes,” said Lee Rodney, CEO of LTR Pharma.

“We expect it to be more effective than oral tablets in that it works more consistently and in a faster, faster amount of time, so men don’t have to plan ahead and they don’t have variable results.”

He added, “We have high confidence (in the drug).

This product has already received a small proof of concept clinical study in California that showed a fast-onset effect.

The Royal Australian College of Physicians states that erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common clinical problem that is managed in the general practice setting. It can contribute to breakdown in relationships and mental health problems.

It is estimated that the condition will affect about 40 percent of men, with the prevalence of the disease increasing with age.

Why Viagra use has grown in men under 30: The little blue pill is now readily available online

Viagra is more widely available in America than ever before, and with the advent of telehealth platforms that allow a man to easily and discreetly receive a prescription for the little blue pill online — younger men are using the drug more than ever before.

The drug, made by drug giant Pfizer since it first hit the market in 1998, was initially intended for older men with erectile dysfunction.

Its use among young men has grown in recent years, too, with rates of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction reaching 20 percent among men in their 20s and 30 percent among those in their 30s, according to City Care Family Practice.

Younger men may feel reservations about contacting their doctor about this issue.

This has led to companies like Hims, Lemonaid, and Roman, which allow a person to quickly obtain a prescription for a drug after an online consultation.

While the drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and deemed OK for proper use by regulators, it — like all drugs — can be dangerous if misused.

It can cause priapism, where the erection lasts for hours and causes permanent damage to the penis. It also has some dangerous interactions with high cholesterol medications.

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