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Experts say Western parents should follow the lead of modern hunter-gatherer groups

It really takes a village to raise a child: Experts say Western...

Are YOU scared of clowns? Questionnaire reveals your degree of coulrophobia

If the image of a clown causes you to turn your head, you may have coulrophobia.Researchers at the University of Wales created 'The Fear...

Comet not seen since humans first left Africa 80,000 years ago is making a return trip to Earth

A comet not seen since prehistoric man first ventured out of Africa 80,000 years ago is on its way to Earth and should be...

Watch the sunset on MARS: NASA’s Curiosity rover captures a dazzling photo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch the sun set on another planet?Well, this dazzling image below captures the stunning...

Apple announces new YELLOW color for its iPhone 14 lineup ‘in an effort to boost sales’

Apple introduced yellow versions of its iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus on Tuesday to boost sales that have seen the biggest declines since...

Bizarre headphones deep clean your ears in just 35 seconds – but they have an eye-watering price tag

Say goodbye to cotton swabs! Bizarre headphones promise to thoroughly clean...

The Mean Girls effect: Women enjoy it when their friends are nasty towards people they dislike

Anyone who went through high school already knows that the iconic 2003 film 'Mean Girls' was more of a documentary than a comedy.But a...


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