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Schools stunt leaves teenage boy unconscious after jumping from rooftop through table: SA


A mad schools stunt goes horribly wrong, leaving a teenage boy unconscious for two minutes after jumping from rooftop to table: ‘It was a bit of a silly idea at the end’

  • A South Australian teen has been expelled after attempting a reckless stunt
  • Judd Lane, 18, was partying with friends for Schoolies at the Port Eliot caravan park
  • He jumped off a roof, fell through a table, and fell awkwardly to the floor
  • The teenage boy lost consciousness when another boy fell on his head

A teenage boy has been expelled from school and rushed to the hospital after attempting a dangerous stunt by jumping off a rooftop and crashing through a table.

Jude Lane, 18, was enjoying his school weekend with friends at the Caravan Park in Port Elliot, 80km south from Adelaide in South Australia.

His teammates cheered him on Saturday night as he prepared to jump onto the plastic table below.

Mr. Lin landed awkwardly on the ground before another teenager, who had also jumped off the roof at the same time, was hit on the head with a gnawing blow leaving him unconscious for more than two minutes.

South Australian teenager Jude Lane (pictured) was knocked unconscious while at schools after he jumped off a roof and crashed into a table before a friend fell on his head.

He was taken to the South Coast District Hospital but was miraculously released that night.

Mr. Lane regretted having taken the gamble, explaining that he was just trying to be “funny” and get “a little attention”.

“(It was) a ridiculous idea in the end,” he told 9News.

“(I was) definitely very lucky I think, I could have been a lot worse.”

He added, “It definitely makes me feel very bad, but I put all my family and friends in this situation.”

The little boy’s parents described the act as “absolutely terrifying”.

“Until we could find out exactly what had happened and how severe his injury was, it was a very anxious time,” said his father, Tim Lane.

Mr. Lin regretted the move, saying it was

Mr Lin regretted the move, saying it was a “ridiculous idea” and that he was “very lucky” to not have been seriously injured or killed.

Mr. Lin only remembers seeing his friend jump off the roof after him which he “didn’t know was going to happen”.

The video of the girl’s fall went viral on social media.

School graduates who attempted reckless stunts were slammed by the police for clicks on social media.

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