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School shooting at Atlantis Beach Baptist College in Two Rocks, Perth


School shooting as 15-year-old opens fire at private school, leading to massive police crackdown

  • Student, 15, in custody for alleged incident
  • Authorities remain on scene, no reports of injuries
  • Parents rushed to school to pick up their children

A teenager reportedly opened fire at a private school, putting both students and a nearby daycare center in lockdown.

Emergency services were called to a ‘firearms incident’ at Atlantis Beach Baptist College in Two Rocks in north Perth shortly before noon on Wednesday.

A boy, 15, was detained by police after allegedly firing a gun in the school car park. It is clear that the boy goes to the school.

Visibly distressed students, including young children, are starting to leave school after being in lockdown for several hours.

They ran into the arms of their frantic parents who ran to the school, evoking emotional scenes.

“We heard police sirens and then we heard screaming,” one girl told Nine News.

“Then we heard footsteps on the deck, which really scared me because I thought it was the man coming/”

Atlantis Beach Baptist College in north Perth remains in lockdown after a student reportedly opened fire in the school car park

A distressed boy Riley, 14, told The West Australian his teacher locked the students in the cooking cupboard as the incident unfolded.

His mother rushed to the school after receiving a text message from his teacher.

“She said they heard shots in the car park and the kids ran in and at first they were pretty calm thinking it was a joke but when they realized it was more serious they barricaded themselves in the kitchen cupboard,” said she.

“I said, ‘What’s going on?’ and she said there’s a shooter here. Then I just came here.’

The mother added that her traumatized son will not be attending school on Thursday

The area remains closed off to the public.

A short time earlier, Detective Inspector Geoff Desanges assured parents and the community that a significant amount of police assets are still on the scene.

“We have no reports… of anyone injured,” he said.

“We ask that parents and members of the public give us some distance to fulfill our duties. We will get back to you with further updates as soon as we have information.”

He added all employees and students.

Police remain in contact with the school about the incident.

A WA police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia there are currently no reports of injuries and that it was an ‘ongoing incident’.

It is understood that nearby businesses, including a daycare center, also went into lockdown following the incident.

The area around the school remains cordoned off.

Atlantis Beach Baptist College is a co-educational private Baptist school.

WA Inspector Geoff Desanges (pictured) has provided an update on the ongoing incident

WA Inspector Geoff Desanges (pictured) has provided an update on the ongoing incident

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