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Schalke legend Asamoah will not be sports director for the time being


Former national soccer player Gerald Asamoah should not succeed Rouven Schröder as sports director at FC Schalke 04.

“Basically, of course, I trust him,” said Schalke’s sports director Peter Knäbel in an interview with the German Press Agency when asked if he believed he was capable of the job as sports director.

However, Knäbel added: “The same applies to others at the club, such as Mathias Schober, our director Knappenschmiede, and André Hechelmann and René Grotus. The latter two played a key role in shaping the winter transfer window. Of course, with Asa we have a certain imagination, otherwise we would him We don’t train in that area. But that’s not an issue for this summer.”

Schalke sports director Knäbel does not want to be put under pressure

Asamoah is currently head of the licensed player department at Schalke and is being trained further with the support of the Gelsenkirchen team.

When filling the currently vacant post, Knäbel does not want to be put under pressure. “We are in talks that will remain internal,” he said. “The selection process is ongoing and it’s progressing step by step. But I can’t say when we’ll be able to announce something.”

Schröder resigned from Schalke at the end of October for personal reasons. Shortly thereafter, Knäbel said he would be surprised if Schröder “wanted to get back somewhere soon”.

Schröder has been working for RB Leipzig since April 1st. “I’m not surprised,” Knäbel said. “By promptly, I meant a period before the start of the second half of the season. Rouven is an excellent expert. With his relationship with Max Eberl, it was clear to me that this was possible.” Eberl is the sports director at the Red Bull Club.

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