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Scale without weight? Withings tries motivational messages – WhatsNew2Day


Withing’s new scale doesn’t display a weight if you want it to.

Losing weight is incredibly difficult. When the number on the scale doesn’t go down, it’s frustrating, no question. Withings wants to counteract this with its Body Smart scale and, depending on the setting, does not display the weight. Cost of the scales: around 100 euros.

Why would you want to do that?

Demotivation is clearly one reason, but not everyone who stands on the scales wants to lose weight. Scales now not only record data about weight, but also, for example, about muscle build-up or body fat percentage.

In Eyes-Closed mode, the Body Smart will show you appropriate motivational messages according to what you want to see. Such a feature is not new, the QardioBase 2 also has such a setting. A smiling or sad smiley shows whether you have gained or lost weight. However, this is of course linked to a weight goal.

The mode is also interesting for people with eating disorders. They may not want to know anything about their weight, they just want to monitor their muscle build or other metrics about their body.

Eating disorders are a serious topic, as shown by the Withings scale with the eyes-closed mode. If you suffer from eating disorders or know someone who is affected, contact the appropriate counseling centers.

All this data can be read out in the Withings app, including the weight if desired.

That’s still in the balance

In addition to the typical BIA metrics, the Body Smart also introduces basal metabolic rate (BMR) and metabolic age. While these features won’t be available at launch, Withings says they’ll be added via an update in May, along with a pregnancy mode.

Basal Metabolic Rate tells you how many calories a person burns at rest, while Metabolic Age compares this to other people of the same age group.

In addition, data on air quality, steps taken or the weather can also be displayed.

The new scale also has a color display, in contrast to the black and white display of the previous scales. According to Withings, the battery life is up to 15 months with three AAA batteries.

Withings is launching a scale that will not show you your weight if you wish, but will motivate you with messages. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think this makes it easier to reach your goal? What do you think of smart scales in general? Do you use one yourself? Write us your opinion in the comments and talk about it.

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