Hurry! This Shiatsu massage pillow for back, neck, shoulder and leg pain has now been reduced by over $100 to just $54 (and customers say it’s BETTER than a professional massage)

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One of the fastest ways to relieve aches or pains in your body is through massage.

But can a home massage be just as good as a professional massage?

According to hundreds of Amazon shoppers, the Borlwat shiatsu massage cushion is more than just as good, it’s better. And the best news is that it is currently reduced by a whopping $120 to just $53.99.

With two heating zones, two levels of heat intensity and three adjustable massage intensities, the Borlwat pillow allows you to choose the perfect massage for your needs and taste.

The pillow is ergonomically shaped to fit your spine, whether placed on the lower or upper back.

Shoppers say they feel results after just 15 minutes of use.


First, the massage pillow uses heat to warm up and relax your muscles before starting the vibrations.

It has two heating zones so you can choose between neck heat or low back heat or both. And there are two levels of heating intensity so you can start gently and increase the temperature.

Because the pillow is perfectly shaped to hug your body, you feel supported, comforted and enveloped at all times and both the heat and vibrations are felt deep within your body to loosen knots and stimulate circulation.

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The discounted Borlwat massage pillow on Amazon warms the neck to prepare it for a massage. Shoppers Say Releasing Tension In Their Neck Cured Migraines

And the massage functionality has amazed shoppers who say they lie or sit with the Borlwat kisses

at home is much more effective than lying on the table of a professional masseur.

The pillow has four Shiatsu knots to deeply knead multiple areas at once, and you can use the remote to switch between intensities just like a salon masseuse does with their hands.

Easy to operate, the Borlwat massage cushion has a remote control that allows you to switch between intensity and heat and change the direction of the massage

“This gives me the best, deepest massage I’ve ever had,” praised one impressed Amazon shopper. “The engines are strong and the massage balls are hard. For me it’s great.

‘This stimulator can be used on almost any body part, any muscle group. I tried it on my neck, lower back, thighs, lower legs and shoulders and felt the tension melt away.’

Another added: ‘I love this product. The massage rollers hit every area really well. You can move it up and down to place it on your back or neck as needed.’

Suffering from leg pain? Some shoppers place their calves on the pillow to relieve tightness and lighten heavy legs.

With the holidays fast approaching, the Borlwat massager makes an ideal gift for friends or relatives suffering from stress or tension and is worth $170, although it’s only $53.99 on Amazon right now.

Others like the Borlwat shiastu massage cushion so much so that they bought one to gift friends and relatives who could use a little help to ease or relieve tension.

Valued at $170, but now only $53.99, any gift recipient will think you’ve been extra generous, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve given an item that they’ll get a lot of use out of.