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Samsung’s Z Flip glass cover is ready for non-Samsung foldable

The Samsung display has taken care of it further details on the glass used in the Galaxy Z Flip and pointed to its possible wider application in the future to non-Samsung foldable parts. Yonhap reports that the 30-micrometer-thick coating is the result of a collaboration with glass manufacturer Dowoo Insys, in which Samsung Display has a minority interest. Samsung Display currently offers display technologies to various smartphone manufacturers, including the OLED panels in Apple’s recent iPhones.

Although the display of the Z Flip is covered by this new ultra-thin glass (UTG), the glass layer is protected by an extra layer of plastic that the YouTube channel JerryRig thought was all susceptible to scratching. Removing the plastic layer caused the screen to break (similar to what we saw with the original Galaxy Fold from Samsung), showing that the layer is still an integral part of the screen as opposed to regular aftermarket screen protectors. Samsung Display claims that the glass is “tough, yet soft” and can withstand 200,000 folds.

Nevertheless, the commercialization of the ultra-thin glass from Samsung Display is a big step for folding devices, as companies now have an important manufacturer for their folding glass needs. Yes, its sustainability has been questioned, but that can improve over time, as we’ve seen with every successive generation of Corning’s Gorilla Glass.