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Samsung’s OLED televisions could be cheaper – is LG giving in? – WhatsNew2Day


The S95B was Samsung’s first OLED.

As early as 2022, LG confirmed that they were in talks with Samsung about OLED panels. This is remarkable for two reasons:

  • Samsung has refrained from OLED TVs for years
  • Until a few years ago, LG was the only manufacturer of OLED panels

According to The Elec Samsung relies on Chinese manufacturers for its LCD panels, which now also produce OLED displays. However, unspecified sources confirm that they are no longer so sympathetic towards Samsung (whatever that may mean).

Working together would bring many changes

It is rare for two such large manufacturers to put their heads together. However, should Samsung purchase LG’s WOLED panel, it could mean that there is an OLED series below QD-OLED – which would of course be cheaper.

It wasn’t until 2022 that Samsung launched its first OLED TV: the S95B. This year’s successors, the S95C and S90C, use QD-OLED panels, i.e. screens with a layer of quantum dots. These should ensure a higher light output.

By the way, there is a simple trick for better contrasts:

What is the probability?

It’s hard to say from our vantage point. It is already a strong concession that Samsung has OLED TVs in its range at all, after years of promoting a counter-movement with QLED.

We also miss the comparison of panels from LG and a Chinese manufacturer. The South Koreans have a lot of experience with the production of the displays (I was in two factories in 2016), but we cannot say how the competition looks in terms of quality.

The fact is: Should Samsung source OLED panels from LG, we would certainly see more and cheaper TVs of this type from Samsung. Patrick has proven that the manufacturer can use OLED with monitors.

If you are looking for an OLED television to gamble with, we recommend the C2.

If you trust cineastes, then OLED is the way: strong contrasts are unbeatable, with films and games. Do you think the two electronics giants could work together? Or does he cook his own soup again? Are you hoping for cheaper OLED TVs from Samsung? Feel free to leave us comments and discuss about it.

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