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Samsung’s gaming TV hub launches with Xbox, Stadia, and GeForce Now streaming

Samsung is today launching its gaming hub for its 2022 smart TVs and monitors. The hub brings together the best game streaming apps in one place, with quick access to Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Utomik, Twitch, and Microsoft’s new Xbox TV app. Even Amazon Luna will be available soon, neatly integrated into the Samsung Gaming Hub UI.

However, the gaming hub doesn’t just act as a starting point for cloud gaming. HDMI-connected video game consoles are located in the hub, next to passthrough controller inputs, so you can use a single controller instead of pairing several. That means popular Bluetooth headsets and controllers work across multiple apps, services, and devices through the Samsung Gaming Hub.


Amazon Luna is coming to the Samsung Gaming Hub soon.
Image: Samsung

The biggest new addition to the gaming hub is Microsoft’s Xbox TV app. While Stadia, GeForce Now, and Twitch are available on various TVs, the Xbox app is currently exclusive to the Samsung Gaming Hub and provides access to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Fortnite is available to stream for free, but you need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play over 100 games.

In addition to launching the gaming hub, Nvidia is also adding some games to its GeForce Now service. Alaloth: Champions of the Four KingdomsDisgaea 6 completedMap SharkKartKraftHotline Miamiand NASCAR 21: Ignition are all available today.

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