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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus detailed in new hands-on video

The upcoming genuine wireless earbuds from Samsung, the Galaxy Buds Plus, have been leaked again, this time in one practical video from WinfutureRoland Quandt. In addition to confirming the specifications that leaked last week, the video and follow-up tweets give an idea of ​​how the earbuds are performing in the real world; with details about the battery life, sound quality and call quality. The cause of the leak was a European retailer who sent the Galaxy Buds Plus to Quandt early, apparently unaware that they had not yet been officially announced.

Quandt reports that the battery life of the Galaxy Buds Plus was still 54 percent after playing loud music for three and a half hours, slightly less than a third of the 11 hours of battery life that Samsung claims to offer. Their fit is apparently good enough in the meantime that “having ANC doesn’t really matter.” In terms of sound quality, Quandt says he found the bass level of the earphones a bit low, but that he could correct this by selecting their bass-enhanced EQ mode in the corresponding app.

According to Quandt, the quality of the earphones microphones is leaves a little to be desired. People he called on the phone said he sounded like he was “talking through a walkie-talkie.” Environmental noise was also a problem, despite the triple microphone array on each earphone. However, Quandt also says that these calls have been made of a moving train without a VoLTE, which could have been a contributing factor.

Otherwise, the video and follow-up tweets confirm much of what we learned last week when Evan Blass leaked their specifications. The earbuds each have two drivers (a woofer and a tweeter) and according to Samsung’s official specifications, they offer a total of 22 hours when used with their charging case. Just like their predecessors, they support Qi wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.

Quant’s video claims that the Galaxy Buds Plus costs $ 169 (or € 169 in Europe), a slight increase compared to the $ 149 (€ 149) that Samsung charged for the originals. The earbuds are expected to be announced during the Samsung Unpacked event alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20.