<pre><pre>Samsung says it has repaired the Galaxy Fold and will release it in September

Samsung has announced today that it has made "improvements" to protect the Galaxy Fold's screen and will sell it soon. Four months after the company postponed the launch of the folding phone, Samsung now says that the Galaxy Fold will be available for purchase on an unspecified date in September. The price remains $ 1980.


This is what Samsung says it has changed in the new version of the Galaxy Fold:

The upper protective layer of the Infinity Flex display has been extended beyond the edge, making it clear that it is an integral part of the display structure and is not intended to be removed.

Galaxy Fold has additional reinforcements to better protect the device from external particles while maintaining the characteristic foldable experience:

The top and bottom of the hinge area are reinforced with newly added protective covers.

Extra metal layers are included under the Infinity Flex Display to enhance the protection of the display.

The space between the hinge and the Galaxy Fold housing is reduced.

The original Galaxy Fold almost hit the market, but review units – including ours – started developing serious hardware problems almost immediately. Some reviewers picked up a protective film that was meant to be permanent and damaged the screen. We didn't do that, but our original unit nevertheless developed a broken screen – possibly because debris came under the hinge. It was a disastrous result for a device that had been sown to a very small number of reviewers – such a high percentage of them ran into problems, there is no telling what would have happened if Samsung delivered the phone to the general public had released.

That is why Samsung, faced with several high-profile reports of problems, has officially postponed the release of the $ 1980 device and canceled pre-orders. That was on April 22, when the company promised to investigate and solve the problems with the screen. The intervening months were also not drama-free. Samsung asked for iFixit to remove the internet, carriers tried to understand the situation and the co-CEO of Samsung kept hints that everything would be all right in the end.

Without the screen problems, the original Galaxy Fold would have been an intriguing but incredibly delicate device – a device that had struggled to justify something close to the $ 1980 price. Unless Samsung has done something important about the software and the overall durability of the screen apart from the above solutions, the updated version could have the same problems. You can be sure that we will judge it when it comes out.

Co-CEO DJ Koh finally admitted that the company had pushed the original Fold to market & # 39; before it finished & # 39 ;, and added: & # 39; It was embarrassing. & # 39; That is an understatement, but Samsung has at least ignored the problems of the Fold before it was sent to consumers (reviewers were members instead, but that is our job).

This was in stark contrast to the way the company dealt with the fires in the Note 7 fires, which happened to many customers who bought the phone and left Samsung flailing to come up with a quick and appropriate response. In the end it did the right thing, removed the product and issued an extensive and detailed apology.


Samsung probably wanted to free the card games from all Fold news (or Fold questions) prior to the "Unzipped" event of August 7, when expected to be the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Pro and possibly a little bit of other devices such as a new Android tablet and smartwatch.

Our assessment unit Fold, with its broken screen.
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Whether Samsung can really prevent the Fold from obscuring the attention it hopes to collect for its other phones is an open question. Today's announcement was not nearly as comprehensive or clear as what Samsung provided with the Note 7. That means that consumers who buy this device when it goes on sale will make a very big leap of faith, relying on Samsung's word that it has solved the fold problems. Even if that's true, the Galaxy Fold is probably still a somewhat delicate device, which is unlikely to be mainstream someday.

Earlier today, SamMobile undiscovered software proof that the Galaxy Fold would appear this time in fewer markets, including & # 39; the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and India & # 39 ;.

It was not certain that Samsung would live up to its promise to repair and re-release the Note. But now that it is, the pressure on the company to produce a reliable device will be enormous. We will see if Samsung can meet those expectations in September.

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