<pre><pre>Samsung patent shows roll-up telephone screens

Samsung is still trying to figure out how the futuristic Galaxy Fold can be released, which is plagued by sustainability issues and without a release date. But that doesn't stop it from coming up with new phone designs, including a convincing patent for a phone with a roll-up display.

This patent, pointed by Gizmodo, shows a phone that seems quite traditional at first glance. But it actually hides a secret, rollable display inside, and the top casing with the selfie camera and earphone seems to expand outward from the phone, leaving a screen that disappears from the charts in terms of aspect ratio.

The phone in the patent seems vague on the BlackBerry Priv, but instead of exposing a handy QWERTY keyboard, you get a super-high screen the size of a Rite Aid voucher. (We will have to add this to our field guide about crazy, flexible phones.)

Image: Corning

Roll-up displays are not impossible. LG is launching its roll-up OLED display this year and Corning says it is making progress on bendable glass for phones. Although, for what Samsung is proposing in its patent, we are still probably years away from seeing technology as it comes to phones.


No matter how compelling this patent is, it is also questionable how durable such a phone would even be, with a sliding mechanism that could be just as vulnerable to dust particles as the Galaxy Fold. Progressive, phones with a foldable display and moving parts are likely to be skeptical for excitement, but here you have to hope that Samsung will come up with a way to try this out, assuming this will ever come on the market. If so, we will be a small step closer to the foldable telephones of classic science fiction movies and TV shows.