Samsung opens its Bixby voice assistant to allow third-party apps

<pre><pre>Samsung opens its Bixby voice assistant to allow third-party apps

With the goal of boosting its Bixby voice assistant in major leagues, Samsung has announced that it will allow third-party developers to produce apps for the platform in an attempt to compete with category giants such as Google and Amazon.

Samsung & # 39; s CEO of the mobile division, DJ Koh, has told CNBC that the company will release a software development kit (SDK) and application programming interface (API) so that more third-party apps can be integrated with Bixby, extending its usefulness in the same way Amazon Alexa has done with his "skills".

With Amazon's Echo and Google's Home devices square on its sites, Samsung hopes that the new features of Bixby will be on hand Galaxy Home smart speaker a viable competitor in the field.

The assistant was launched for the first time with a special button on the Galaxy S8 flagship in 2017, and has since found a 2.0 version with the new Galaxy Note 9but it has done little so far draw criticism from both critics and consumers.

In the interview, Koh pointed to a release in November of the above-mentioned developer tools, in which he stated that he "does not want the performance of only six months or nine months to be displayed, No. Because this is a long journey, it just starts because with the new Bixby embedded in the Note 9 a new baby is born. "