Samsung is organizing a Galaxy event next month – here's where it could be for

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Samsung has just sent invitations for an event for the next month, in which we will probably hear a new Galaxy device.

The invitation does not say much, but it says it's a & # 39; Galaxy event & # 39; will be, which suggests that we will see a new device from the company's telephone line-up. That said, we have already had the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, so it can be a new range of devices.

Samsung has just given its latest smartwatch the Galaxy name, so it can be a separate part of the company that is also included in the G-name.

The invitation also says & 4x; fun & # 39 ;, but we do not currently know exactly what that refers to. Maybe this means that this is the first phone with four cameras?

What can it be?

Samsung has already confirmed that it will announce its first foldable phone (codenamed the Galaxy X) before the end of the year, but at the moment we expect it to arrive in November.

We also know that the company is set to put more focus on its mid-range devices, so it may be that this event is specific to those emerging phones.

October 11 is the date, but it just seems to be a live stream instead of a real physical event. That is the same way Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S4 tablet last month.

We have not received the invitation officially yet – the picture above is from CNET – but we have asked Samsung what we can expect and we will update this article as soon as we hear more.

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