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Samsung is building an “8K” ultrawide monitor to succeed its massive Odyssey Neo G9

It will include DisplayPort 2.1, but that’s all we know as of now. AMD says we’ll get more details at CES 2023 in January.

While the 32:9 aspect ratio of these monitors suggests that the screen won’t have a true 8K resolution – by comparison, the “5K” Odyssey G9 measures just 1440 pixels tall with its incredible 5,120 pixels wide – it would probably be a substantial improvement in vertical real estate. Today’s true 4K, 16:9 displays have a vertical resolution of 2,160 pixels, but a 32:9 “8K” monitor should do better. At 8,000 pixels wide and 32:9, we should see a height of 2,250 pixels, so you should get 4K quality or better in that dimension.

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However, we’ll have to wait for Samsung to release some specs to be sure. And I can’t help but think how much it’ll cost: The Neo G9 debuted at $2,500, compared to the original’s $1,480 price tag.


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