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Samsung is bringing artwork from the Met museum to its Frame TVs


Samsung Art Store users can display their beloved works of art in their homes, including: Edgar Degas Ballet rehearsal on stage (around 1874); Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers (1887); Paul Cezanne Still life with apples and pot of primroses (around 1890); and Georges Seurat circus show (Circus Parade) (1887–88). Frame owners can also display ancient artifacts, such as an Egyptian wedjat eye amulet (ca. 1070–664 BC) and medieval treasures including The unicorn rests in a garden. (1495-1505), the famous French and South Dutch fabric of Unicorn Tapestries.

Celebrated Japanese works of art such as that of Katsushika Hokusai. Under the Mannen Bridge in Fukagawa (ca. 1830-1832), as well as that of Utagawa Kuniyoshi Concise Illustrated Biography of the Monk Nichiren: Calming the Stormy Sea in Tsunoda in Exile on Sado Island (1835-1836) can also be displayed at The Frame. The collection also features several historically important American works of art, such as that of Emanuel Leutze. Washington crossing the Delaware (1851).

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