Samsung has made an entire Hulu series specifically for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G


Samsung wants you to know that its new phone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, is good at taking photos. Perhaps you can tell from the outside from the five image sensors, including four on the back, that the company is serious about mobile photography. But if not, now you have a whole Hulu series to watch in which the S21 Ultra 5G is the main protagonist.

The company announced today that it has created a proprietary Hulu show called Exposure where emerging photographers compete for challenges to be crowned “America’s Best Mobile Photographer”. The show will debut on April 26 and revolve around the S21 Ultra 5G; it is the only device participants will use to capture their images. This is Samsung’s best attempt at showing its phone in a less commercial format, although in reality this show is an elaborate commercial.

Brand content is nothing new to TV. But usually these partnerships are more hidden. Maybe the device someone is using is a specific phone they say out loud, or a show’s hosts are driving a specific car that lingers on the screen for a second longer than expected. Exposure is instead a full admission from Samsung that it has invested so much in making sure that people are aware of the camera technology that it is willing to spend money on a whole series.

For what it’s worth Verge Reviewer Dieter Bohn said the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s cameras lived up to the hype when he reviewed the device in January. “The camera system on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best I’ve used on an Android phone and is extremely competitive with the iPhone 12 Pro Max,” he wrote.

This one Exposure participants are likely to capture quality images. You just have to be okay with watching content that Samsung approves and wants you to see.