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Samsung has broadcast a Galaxy Z Flip commercial before it even announced the phone

It is not only leaks that let us know what major tech companies are planning to report with their keynotes, but increasingly the companies themselves. As the Academy Awards are ahead of Samsung’s February 11th Unpacked keynote, the company decided to do a huge scourge for the Galaxy Z Flip – in fact, it was showing off the entire phone.

We expect Samsung to announce new Galaxy S20 phones (three of them) and the Galaxy Z Flip, a folding phone that is said to have a glass screen. The advertisement showed the phone sitting on a table at a 90-degree angle, all the better for video chatting. It also gave us our first, best look at the fold and it doesn’t seem to fold completely flat. The Motorola Razr, which has just been released but has been plagued by reports of creaking hinges, folds completely flat.

In the small print for the advertisement is a copy with the text: “You may see a small fold in the center of the main screen, which is a natural feature of the screen.” So that answers that question. Just like with the fold, the Z-flip has a fold. The advertisement also shows two different colors: purple and black.

We also got our first look at the outside screen, which is very small but nevertheless full color. The advertisement shows that the screen can use the caller ID and also has sliders for accepting or rejecting a call.

Samsung has always grown big with advertisements during the Academy Awards. The previous Oscars ads ranged from celebrity selfies to product placement to subtle apologies for the exploding Note phones. Regarding the trend of companies teasing their own products, after Google went big with it in 2019, Samsung opted for a more traditional approach this year (at least to this ad). However, leaks are still ringing: Samsung leaked the Galaxy S20 itself last week.

We will be live at the Samsung event on 11 February to find out if there is something that has not been leaked, photographed, rumored or teased by Samsung itself. It can still be that way.

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