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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers huge improvements for night photography

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra currently tops our list of the best camera phones, and yet the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could be significantly better for photography; with improvements to the main camera, telephoto performance and low-light shooting.

That’s according to leaker @UniverseIce (opens in new tab)who has a reasonable track record and sent out a torrent of tweets, hyped this upcoming phone.

They claim that the night photography and night video skills have both been “greatly improved”, with low-light photos much better than those on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. They go so far as to say that this is “the biggest improvement to Samsung’s flagship mobile phone in five years.”

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Presumably they just mean the biggest improvement for night photography, but that’s a big claim anyway.

It’s not just night shots that seem to get better though, the same source also says – not for the first time – that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a main sensor of 200 MP, compared to 108 MP on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

That’s not a new claim, but they add here that it’s the strongest 200MP camera they’ve seen on a phone yet, and that it has “unparalleled analytical power”.

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Slightly less promising, however, they say this 200MP camera is currently incapable of taking 50MP photos via pixel binning. While this is apparently a software issue, rather than a hardware issue, which is being worked on; so by the time the phone launches, 50MP recording will be possible.

Finally, they say that while the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will apparently have the same 3x and 10x optical zoom cameras as the S22 Ultra, the resulting photo quality will be improved; thanks to better colors and AI algorithms.

So the only expected rear camera not mentioned here is the ultra-wide one, which may mean it won’t be improved, but time will tell. Anyway, if @UniverseIce’s claims come true, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could be the best camera phone in 2023, just like the S22 Ultra this year.

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Analysis: The cameras could be the most important upgrade

This all sounds promising, even though we would have liked to see hardware upgrades for the telephoto cameras, but it sounds like Samsung is putting almost all of the focus on the cameras for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

That’s because other leaks suggest little else is changing. The overall design is reportedly nearly identical, and while the screen may offer improved HDR and higher peak brightness, it will presumably be 6.8in again – and likely the same resolution as the S22 Ultra’s screen. We have also heard reports that the battery will again be 5,000 mAh.

Aside from the cameras, one thing that will of course change is the chipset, but that’s not overly exciting as it gets upgraded every year. Although Samsung can at least offer the same chipset worldwide this time.

So while the design overhaul of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra made it feel like a big improvement, the S23 Ultra may be a more modest upgrade overall. Still, it builds on an already excellent handset, so it’s likely to be among the best phones, anyway.


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