Samsung announces the public beta of Galaxy Home Mini before the full-size speaker has even been sent

Samsung has quietly announced a new Bixby powered smart speaker called Galaxy Home Mini, and it invites Galaxy smartphone owners in South Korea to sign up for a beta test of the new device. Samsung says the new speaker can control IoT devices, integrates with Samsung's SmartThings platform and uses sound technology from Samsung's AKG audio brand. SamMobile was first to spot the announcement.


This is the first time that Samsung has officially admitted that its smaller smart speaker exists, although we had a good idea that it was coming, thanks to appearing in a federal communications committee earlier this year. Apart from the few details that Samsung has shared in the beta announcement, we know virtually nothing about this new device. We don't even know for sure if the loudspeaker works on batteries, for example. We will probably find out when Samsung decides to officially announce the speaker, although it is unclear whether this will happen before or after beta testers get hold of it.

The speaker can control the existing line-up of Samsung's SmartThings devices.
Image: Samsung

What is also striking here is that the Samsung announcement seems to omit any mention of the original Galaxy Home smart speaker that it announced next to the Note 9 last year. Samsung & # 39; s full-size smart speaker has been constantly delayed since the announcement. Originally scheduled for release in the first half of this year, the company postponed the speaker until the third quarter of this year, and recently said it is working to "refine and improve" it before release.

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