Sam Brinton: Biden’s nuclear waste guru spoke at spanking seminar weeks after bag theft

The Biden administration’s nuclear waste guru appeared as a host at a fetish conference in Los Angeles weeks after they admitted to police that they stole a woman’s briefcase in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Last Saturday, Sam Brinton, deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, who faces five years in prison for the bag theft, presented a seminar entitled, “Spanking: From Calculus To Chemistry.”

The seminar was held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles, where Brinton, 33, stayed on Friday and Saturday nights. The event was titled “LA Leather Getaway” and was sponsored by CLAW Corp., a national leather charity.

Brinton, who presented at the event under the pseudonym NuclearNerd, has been teaching their “Physics of Kink” class at college and community events “across the country” for years, according to their profile on the CLAW website.

The biography continues, “They’ve been in the kink business since 2013, hosting monthly kink parties in their Washington, DC dungeon, and estimating to have beaten over 2,000 adorable butts.”

Brinton is listed in CLAW’s 2019 yearbook as Sir Sam Brinton, where they taught the “Newtonian Physics of Spanking.” They added, “Physics is a critical part of the kink experience.” They were also photographed at the event in 2021.

As of 2019, Brinton is married to their husband, Kevin Rieck. The couple started dating in 2015.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition Sam Brinton’s profile picture on fetish hookup app Recon

As Of 2019, Brinton Is Married To Their Husband, Kevin Rieck, Pictured Here.  The Couple Started Dating In 2015

As of 2019, Brinton is married to their husband, Kevin Rieck, pictured here. The couple started dating in 2015

Brinton Also Goes By The Nickname Sir Sam Brinton When Speaking At Fetish Conferences

Brinton also goes by the nickname Sir Sam Brinton when speaking at fetish conferences can exclusively reveal that Brinton maintains a profile on the gay fetish hookup app, Recon.

Brinton describes herself as an MIT graduate, but adds that they are “more sociable than most.”

He adds, “Proud lord and lover of my longtime submissive and husband who is bound – love to keep him tied up and ready to be used if needed.”

Brinton continues, “I am sadistic, but will always respect boundaries and am happy to push them if necessary. Bondage and control are my strengths… Flogging, chastity, fisting, electro… I’ve done them all and will gladly put a man through them. My passion for kink comes from getting a man into a nice submissive headspace.”

The Department of Energy official adds, “Oh… I tend to give the best beating you’ve ever received. Not stubborn, just proud of my red ass.’

Despite regularly updating their Instagram profile in the past, Brinton has not posted on social media since news of the bag theft surfaced. They didn’t post any photos at the CLAW conference.

Brinton At The Out For Undergrads Conference, Photographed In A Black Evening Gown With Two Of The Event'S Coordinators.  This Photo Was Taken Shortly After They Stole A Bag In Minneapolis-St.  Paul International Airport

Brinton at the Out for Undergrads conference, photographed in a black evening gown with two of the event’s coordinators. This photo was taken shortly after they stole a bag in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Yesterday, revealed that Brinton was in Minnesota where the bag theft occurred the Out for Undergrad Engineering conference.

The conference was held at the InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront hotel in St. Paul, the same hotel where Brinton was staying.

Brinton was a keynote speaker at the event, which listed the CIA and Raytheon Technologies as “Platinum Sponsors.”

Less than a week after that conference, Brinton flew to another conference, the Global Clean Energy Action Forum in Pittsburgh.

Some time between that conference and October 9, Brinton traveled to Europe for a trip. They did not post anything about this trip on their social media pages.

He arrived back in the United States at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC on October 9, when police contacted them about the stolen bag.

Initially, Brinton told police they “accidentally” took the briefcase — worth $2,325 — from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Sept. 16 at around 4:45 p.m.

Brinton Was Caught On Surveillance Cameras In Minneapolis-St.  Paul Airport Takes A Blue Bag Off The Baggage Carousel After Flying In From Washington

Brinton was caught on surveillance cameras in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport takes a blue bag off the baggage carousel after flying in from Washington

They said: ‘If I brought the wrong bag I’d be happy to return it, but I don’t have any clothes for anyone else,’ Brinton told police. according to the complaint. “Those were my clothes when I opened the bag.”

However, they finally came clean and admitted taking the bag – though they blamed “fatigue” for the “mistake.”

Brinton used the bag for their personal travels over the next month.

Brinton did not travel with a checked bag when they arrived in Minnesota and the Vera Bradley 26″ Navy Blue Hard Sided Roller Bag Valued at $295.

They have been charged with theft and are on leave from their jobs at the Department of Energy. There will be a hearing in the case on December 19.

In indictment documents, a police officer said she gave Brinton specific instructions on how to return the bag, something they failed to do.

The bag in question belonged to a woman traveling from New Orleans with her son.

Sometime between Sept. 18 and Oct. 9, Brinton made a trip to Europe with the stolen briefcase, documents say.

This Image, Which Shows Brinton At An Event At The University Of Nebraska In Omaha, Drew Attention And Anti-Lgbtq Criticism

This image, which shows Brinton at an event at the University of Nebraska in Omaha, drew attention and anti-LGBTQ criticism

On October 9, Brinton was captured on surveillance footage passing the bag through Washington-Dulles International Airport on their return from Europe.

That same day, Brinton was contacted by Agent Anne Katchmark of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Police.

When asked if they brought a bag that wasn’t his, Brinton replied by saying, “Not that I know of.”

An hour later, Brinton responded to Katchmark and apologized for not being “completely honest.” They admitted they accidentally took the bag and blamed fatigue for the confusion.

In a brief statement about the scandal, the Department of Energy said in a statement, “Sam Brinton is on leave from DOE and Dr. Kim Petry serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal.”

Neither the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office nor Brinton’s attorney, Fabian Hoffner, have responded to multiple requests for comment surrounding the story.

The incident has drawn the attention of several right-wing figures on Twitter. Recently re-elected Congressman Rep. Lauren Boebert, 35, posted a photo of Brinton in a dress and tweeted, “This man hired by Joe Biden is a thief.”

While ex-President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Jr., 44, posted a screengrab of’s coverage of the story, writing, “Who could have seen this coming from them/them?”

Former Newsmax host John Cardillo tweeted, “Mental freak and Biden appointee Sam Brinton charged with stealing a woman’s luggage at MSP. This lunatic knows all of America’s nuclear secrets.”

While former Trump adviser in the White House Sebastian Gorka posted a photo of Brinton on social media, writing, “So this Biden official turns out to be a criminal? Does he still have his DoE Q approval?’

Samuel Brinton Was Appointed By The Biden Administration In January As Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Spent Fuel And Waste Disposal In The Office Of Nuclear Energy

Samuel Brinton was appointed by the Biden administration in January as deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposal in the Office of Nuclear Energy

Talked about the incident during an interview with Jesse Watters fox news, Hoover Institute senior fellow Victor Davis and the focus on Brinton’s gender identity rather than their crime.

Davis said, “[You can] live in society as long as you don’t essentialize your race or your gender or your sexual beliefs but if you make that essential to you then you have to play by the rules and if you have a downside people will say “well that’s part of your essential character.”‘

He continued, “So that’s his problem, that he started releasing pictures of himself cross-dressing, talking about being transgender. And that became his essence. If that is his essence, and then he commits theft, and then he lies about it to the police, and those are crimes, then he is identified as transgender.”

The man then accused the “left” of making one’s race, gender and sexual identity “essential.”

He said, ‘They’re essentializing it. Then they take the flip side along with the publicity side. I don’t think they want the benefit, but they’re not willing to say, ‘Well, don’t characterize me as transgender,’ and I think that’s the problem.”

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