Salesforce will reopen San Francisco headquarters in May


Salesforce said Monday it will reopen its San Francisco headquarters in May, but its employees will still be able to work remotely until the end of the year.

According to Brent Hyder, the company’s president and chief people officer, the company has already reopened 22 offices wrote in a blog post that Salesforce would decide how and when to reopen each location based on the guidelines of health officials and medical experts. “We have the opportunity to create a workspace and an employee experience that makes us even more connected, healthier, more innovative and more productive,” Hyder wrote.

The company plans a three-phase approach to offices, with the first phase limited to US employees living in areas where the risk of coronavirus is low or decreasing. Salesforce requires employees to take COVID-19 tests twice a week. In the second phase, offices will gradually reopen from 20 to 75 percent capacity, depending on local conditions, and the third phase will be a full reopening.

Salesforce redesigned its offices with COVID-19 in mind, adding plexiglass between desks, air purifiers in conference rooms, touch-free handles for doors and temperature control stations, as well as hand sanitizers.

Salesforce it is largest employer in San Francisco, and the company’s return to downtown headquarters could be a bell to other businesses in the area. Facebook also plans to return to work in person in its Bay Area offices next month, as well Uber has reopened Mission Bay headquarters, with limited capacity, on March 29.