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Sainz is annoyed by negative criticism in Italy – WhatsNew2Day


It’s no secret that Ferrari is under the scrutiny of the Italian media in particular. The Scuderia is a kind of national shrine, which is why failures in the local media are sometimes extremely harshly criticized.

In this context, Carlos Sainz explains that he understands “that the Italian media and the Tifosi want Ferrari to be at the forefront.” At the same time, the Spaniard also emphasizes that excessive criticism of the team is not helpful.

After the first three races of the season in 2023, Ferrari is only fourth in the world championship and has not yet secured a single podium. In addition, you only have 26 points, fewer after three races in the 2009 season.

Sainz: Know for yourself if it doesn’t work!

At that time, the Scuderia was even completely pointless after three races. It’s not that bad 14 years later, but Sainz still has the impression – or perhaps because of it – that the current criticism of Ferrari is sometimes disproportionately severe.

“You have to realize that no one is more upset or angry or unhappy about the situation than anyone [Teammitglied] here,” he says to the media, emphasizing: “We are the ones who are not satisfied.”

“We are the first to not like the situation. And we are the ones who are going full throttle to [die Situation] to turn around Because it’s also about our egos, our performance,” said the Spaniard, who has been driving for Ferrari since the 2021 season.

Factual criticism is accepted

“We’re proud to be Ferrari and we want to push Ferrari forward. And sometimes the comments are [in den Medien] more of a distraction and drag us down further instead of helping us a little,” explains the 28-year-old.

Of course, criticism in Maranello can also be “accepted” if it is appropriate, said Sainz. “It’s just that [übermäßige Kritik] doesn’t help. And that lack of help isn’t exactly what we need right now,” he said.

“That’s why we try to stay away from such comments,” he explains, and finally clarifies on the subject: “We don’t need any additional distractions or other people who drag us down.”

Because there are already enough problems in Maranello after the weak start to the season…

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