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Sailor abandons Canada’s mission to Cornwall after a homemade boat sinks in the harbour


Mr Bedwell said he had had to make some late “adjustments” to the vessel and had returned to shore after noticing some “water intrusion”.

In a video posted on social media, he said: “We had to make some adjustments before we left on the boat yesterday. At sea I noticed that some water was entering.

“Wasn’t happy with it so came back to check for safety reasons. We are now going to the boat to assess the situation and see what we are doing.”

The sailor spent three years hand-building his fiberglass microyacht, which is 12 feet high and has a top speed of 2.5 mph.

He planned to survive on vitamin potions and food bags made of beef jerky, raisins, and fat, which were molded into the walls of his cabin during his journey.

Mr. Bedwell has spent his career making sails and supplying yachts all over the world. As a sailor, he navigated Britain and traveled to the frozen reaches of the Arctic Circle.

Before his aborted voyage, the sailor said, “You never know, you could hit an iceberg. The Titanic was considered unsinkable, but it hit one and there are a lot of icebergs out there.

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