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S6 Ep 6: Daniel Foxx, actor

by Alexander
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S6 Ep 6: Daniel Foxx, actor

This week, sliding into Grace’s living room is rising star and multi-talented actor, playwright and musical theater creator Daniel Foxx. Bringing his concoction of filth intended only for solo consumption in the wee hours of the morning, there’s nowhere left to hide. Buckle up and join Grace and Daniel for a guided tour of the ins and outs of life on the fast lane – or is it the M6 ​​at 1am?

Daniel shares his different incarnations – from coming out at the age of 11 to donning a pearl necklace post-lockdown. His observational obsessions helped fuel his viral hit The Supervillain’s Gay Assistant, and Grace and Daniel unravel the threads with scurrilous delight. Oh, and there’s a modern love affair between Tinder and trains. Scoop it all up with love and a curl of crispy lentils

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