Ryanair passengers’ fury over ‘horrific’ flight to Ibiza where boozed-up group caused chaos

Ryanair passengers vented out their frustration after experiencing a three-hour flight from London to Ibiza. There, a drunken group banged on the ceiling, harassed a young lady, and played loud music.

Footage was captured of drunken louts creating chaos on the flight. The 70-strong group were seen sipping vodka from bottles.

The party was fun, but the incident left an older couple in Scotland feigning fury in their seats.

The couple have now hit out at Ryanair for failing to control the troublemakers, and for a ‘copy and paste’ response to their formal complaint – a month after receiving it.

Pictured: Footage Of The Drunken Louts Causing Chaos On The Flight, In Which The 70-Strong Group Are Seen Swigging From Vodka Bottles And Causing Chaos

Pictured: Footage of drunken louts creating chaos on the flight. In which the 70-strong group are seen sipping vodka bottles (left), and causing chaos

They were looking forward to a relaxing vacation when they boarded the plane at Edinburgh Airport in September 25. But instead, they were subjected three hours of ‘horrific travel.

Video shows the rowdy passengers dancing in the aisle while blasting loud music through a boombox, and sipping on a bottle vodka.

One passenger can be seen lifting the boombox from their head. Some others danced in the aisle around two flight attendants who were serving drinks to other customers.

The 55-year old woman described how her husband, 58-years-old, had been accosted by a drunken youth on their way back from the toilet. He hit her hand and made a rude gesture.

Others on Ryanair’s flight were also said to have been subjected verbally abuse and harassment by the group of 70.

According to the mother, airline staff could not calm the situation. In one instance, a woman passenger had to forcefully shove a young man from her, after he refused her request to go.

The incident occurred upon the couple’s return from holiday. The woman filed a formal grievance with Ryanair, but she dismissed it as a joke. They received a reply on November 26, which was a copy and paste’ response. She The airline claimed that they took no responsibility for the incident and did not promise it would not happen again.

She said that the plane was not under her control. “It was terrible from the moment I got on. They had about 70 people who were all from the same region.

“They had a loud speaker in black that was at maximum volume. It blared for three hours. They banged on the roof, took off their tops and opened their bottles that they bought duty-free.

Ryanair only came close to them once, and that was to give them more drinks. She added that she didn’t want to use the bathroom because of their increasing drunkenness.

The Married Duo From North Lanarkshire Were Excited For A Relaxing Break In Ibiza When They Boarded The Plane At Edinburgh Airport On September 25, But Were Instead Subjected To A 'Horrific' Three Hours Of Travel. Pictured: A Beach In Ibiza (File Photo)

North Lanarkshire couple were looking forward to a relaxing trip to Ibiza. However, they were greeted by a three-hour delay at Edinburgh Airport. Pictured: A beach on Ibiza (file photograph)

She said that her husband was going to the toilet and she saw him hit his hand with the towel. He then gave her the fingers. It was getting very annoying for the other passengers, and could have turned into a full-blown conflict.

After he refused to leave, the mother said that one of her passengers had to forcefully push a young man to her side.

The chaos continued as the plane landed in bad weather on Balearic. Stressed traveller said: “When we went to landing, there was a severe storm. The flight attendant shouted over the speaker that the plane wouldn’t land because everyone was still standing. 

“There was no police at the airport. They were excited and happy to be on holiday. I have flown to Ibiza 16 times in the past. I’ve been to Ibiza for the last 16 years and have witnessed some of the partying, but nothing like this. 

“It could’ve been an absolute riot because people were being banged into and shouting at each other. It could have been war. 

“People were afraid to use the toilet. They were afraid they would get head-butted or hit by a Grey Goose bottle that they bought at no duty. 

It was a terrible experience. I know that it’s normal to party and that I accept that. My husband and me have been through a very difficult year. There were many sad things that happened so we decided to take a break and just relax. 

‘We got off our flight and we were like, “Oh My God, we need a brew.” He’s 22. It would have been horrible if he behaved like that in a plane with children or a mixed-age group.

Ryanair was slow to respond to the couple’s complaint. Ryanair only apologised for any inconvenience and promised to never fly with Ryanair again. 

Ryanair spokesperson said that a group of passengers flew from Edinburgh to Ibiza and became disruptive during the flight. 

Crew made several announcements during the flight to diffuse the situation and minimize disruption to passengers. They also refused to give more than two drinks per passenger. 

“Passengers stopped disrupting their landing in Ibiza.”

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