Ryan Giggs informally helps Wales prepare for Euro 2020


Ryan Giggs willing to help Wales prepare for Euro 2020 despite being ousted as head coach after being charged with three separate offenses, including assaulting his ex-girlfriend

  • Ryan Giggs could lend a hand to new head coach Rob Page in Wales for Euro 2020
  • The former Manchester United winger was removed as his country’s head coach
  • Giggs was charged with three separate offenses last month, including ABH

Ryan Giggs is ready to lend a hand in Wales’ Euro 2020 campaign, despite Rob Page replacing him as manager of the tournament after the former winger was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Wales appointed Page after Giggs was charged with bodily harm and two other crimes last month. The former Manchester United star has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Page revealed that he had recently spoken to Giggs and that the former Wales player, who sent them to qualifying, was open to helping informally prepare for their second major tournament since 1958.

Ryan Giggs will still lend a hand in Wales’ Euro 2020 campaign after being replaced as coach

“We’ve been in touch and I had a great chat with him last week,” Page said. ‘You’re not going to be friends and colleagues and work together in a close-knit environment until then, not talk.

‘Of course I’m going to talk to him and he wants what’s best for Wales. Regarding decisions and finishing things I will be, but what Ryan has said is that if I need advice or a different view on things, he will always be there.

“It’s great to hear that, but the decisions we make now will ultimately come from myself and my technical staff.

‘These are difficult circumstances, there is no shelter for them. We deal with the situation as best we can. Common sense prevails and it is continuity that the players also want.

“ Finally and thankfully we are all clear about what’s going to happen, Ryan included, and can focus on the job: preparing a team for Euro 2020. ”

Rob Page stepped in after Giggs was charged with ABH and other offenses

Rob Page stepped in after Giggs was charged with ABH and other offenses

Page has held talks with senior players, including captain Gareth Bale, since taking the reins. Wales opens its tournament against Switzerland on June 11, the match is currently scheduled in Baku.

They have a training camp in Portugal before traveling to the tournament, with Page keeping a close eye on his players during the final rounds of competition.

He added: ‘[The players] have not allowed themselves to be influenced by outside influences and have been calm during the process. We’re not taking the gas out. We increase the intensity as and prepare them mentally and physically. ‘

Giggs was charged with an alleged feud with Kate Greville, 36, and her sister at his £ 1.7million mansion in Worsley, Greater Manchester.

He is accused of personally injuring Mrs. Greville at his home in November.

He faces an additional charge of coercive and controlling behavior between December 2017 and November 2020.