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“Russian Military Aircraft Catches Fire and Crashes into a Lake”


A Russian military plane caught fire and crashed into a lake in the region bordering Finland

  • Law enforcement agencies reported the incident, according to Russian government news
  • The incident reportedly took place in Murmansk in northwestern Russia

On Wednesday, the TASS news agency said, citing law enforcement agencies, that a Russian military plane crashed in the northern Murmansk region after it caught fire.

She added that according to preliminary data, the plane fell into a lake.

Videos have surfaced online purporting to show the plane moments before it crashed.

They showed what was said to be a MIG-31 fighter flying overhead with flames and smoke billowing behind it, before disappearing out of sight behind a tree line.

Murmansk is a region in the Arctic Circle on Russia’s far northwest Kola Peninsula. It is bordered by Norway and Finland – both NATO members.

Moscow has a large military presence on the peninsula, while Russian military bases there house the largest concentration of nuclear weapons in the world.

This incident is the latest disaster for a Russian plane, after one of Vladimir Putin’s planes mistakenly bombed the Russian city of Belgorod near the Ukrainian border last week in a fatal error.

The incident also comes after Russia and China on Wednesday morning signed a memorandum of understanding on enhancing maritime law enforcement cooperation — in the same area where the plane crashed.

This is a breaking news story. More to track…

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