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Russian female doctors are pressured into becoming the officers’ sex slaves


Russian female medics are ‘pressured into becoming sex slaves’ and ‘carried’ between officers or beaten

  • The woman said that whoever refused to become a sex slave would face punishment
  • She said that the “field wives” were to cook, clean, and please the male officers

Russian female medics working on the front line in Ukraine have been forced to become sex slaves for army officers, it has been alleged.

news company Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty She published an interview with a so-called “field wife” who said that Russian officers “condescended” to women.

The woman—a “whistleblower” identified only as Margarita—said that those who became field wives would be made to cook, clean, and please the male officers.

She told the publication that those who refuse to be sex slaves face punishment and often beatings.

The publication said her time on the front line had left her deeply traumatized and regularly suffered from panic attacks.

Russian female officers march during the rehearsal for the Victory Day parade in May last year in Moscow, Russia

In the interview, Margarita said she joined as a front-line doctor in Ukraine so she could support her family. As a single mother of a child with additional needs, she said she left the military in 2011 before returning 11 years later.

I told Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty A colonel in charge of her platoon chose her to make her his “field wife” while at the Nizhny Novgorod training camp.

Margarita said she disapproved of the sexual harassment, prompting the Russian officer to order his soldiers to make life difficult for her.

She said she was made to sleep outside for a month while others slept in tents and houses.

Continuing to hold back the advance, Margarita said she was forced to go to the front line as a form of punishment.

She was in a platoon of seven women, all of whom reportedly received sexual advances from their commanding officers.

When we went there, no one knew what was going on there. And when we understood everything, there was no turning back Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

She said she saw one of the officers shoot his “field wife.” She said the officer shot him in the hand to make it appear as if he was protecting her from a Ukrainian attack. The woman was left permanently disabled.

Female prisoners line up as they are sent to fight in the war in Ukraine (undated file photo)

Female prisoners line up as they are sent to fight in the war in Ukraine (undated file photo)

Margarita said she had witnessed the woman being hit by the officer with the butt of his gun several times before.

She added that another woman was “transferred” among the officers and removed from the platoon.

Some of the women, she said, accepted what was happening, because they believed it was better than being sent to the front lines.

Some considered escaping across the Russian border to their families, Margarita said, but knew they risked being shot by their own forces.

She also said that it is not only women officers but also Russian soldiers who are routinely beaten.

The whole experience left her in therapy for severe trauma. She said she is on antidepressants and still has panic attacks.

Margarita said that despite her horrific experience Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty She was willing to return after her first assignment to Ukraine because she needed to support her family.

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