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Russia is meddling with Democratic primarily to help Sanders, officials say

Russia interferes with the Democratic primary to help Senator Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, US officials reportedly told the Sanders camp according to The Washington Post.

There are few details about what Russia did to promote the Sanders campaign, according to the Post. The White House and the legislators on Capitol Hill have also been informed of Russia’s latest interference efforts.

In a statement that responded to the news, Sanders strongly criticized the Russian government and all election interference attempts. “Unlike Donald Trump, I don’t consider Vladimir Putin a good friend. He is an autocratic criminal who tries to destroy democracy and destroy divergent opinions in Russia, “Sanders said. “I stand firm against their efforts and against any other foreign power that wants to interfere in our elections.”

It is a partial replay of the 2016 primary game, in which Russian troll campaigns used social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to damage the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and Sanders.

Earlier this week, Sanders was asked to reject online harassment claiming to support his candidacy, commonly referred to as “Bernie brittle,” on the Internet, both in a CNN town hall at the Tuesday and Wednesday evening Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. . Sanders responded and suggested that the intimidation campaigns could be led by Russian agents, not just by his real supporters.

“We all remember 2016, and what we remember are efforts by Russians and others to get involved in our elections and to divide us,” Sanders said earlier this week. “I’m not saying this is happening, but it wouldn’t shock me.”

US intelligence officials have also informed the legislators that abroad is also working on the re-election of Donald Trump, as reported by The New York Times on Thursday. In response to this discovery, Trump cursed his acting intelligence director Joseph Maguire for allowing the briefing, apparently seeing it as a democratic benefit for the Democrats. Maguire formally resigned on Friday.