Home Tech Rumpl’s incredibly versatile outdoor blanket is in a rare one-month sale

Rumpl’s incredibly versatile outdoor blanket is in a rare one-month sale

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Blue blanket with red edges folded neatly

My Rumpl blankets have been a constant companion for the six years I’ve had them. The Rumpl Original Puffy came with me on a road trip through four states and 10 national parks, two camping trips to Big Sur, and more car camping excursions than I can count, and it’s been great to use around the campfire or as an alternative to sleep. bag. It’s also been helpful in a pinch when I have overnight guests, especially since my San Francisco apartment didn’t have closets; Storing the Original Puffy in its compact storage bag made it small enough to store anywhere.

There’s a reason we here at WIRED have been excited about the Rumpl Puffy Blanket for the past five years; Several members of the WIRED Gear team have purchased it and used it on many trips since then. (Reviews editor Julian Chokkattu just took his to the beach last week!) It’s not cheap, which is why it’s so important that Rumpl has the Original Puffy Blanket 40 Percent Off from now until the end of July. There are tons of colors and designs for sale (except artist collaborations – if it says Rad Artist, it’s not for sale).

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Original Puffy Blankets for Sale

Photography: Rumpl

The Rumpl OG Puffy has it all. It’s water and stain resistant and machine washable, includes corner loops to stake it into the ground, and is super foldable with the included storage bag. It’s designed for one person, but my husband and I can fit underneath it when we’re sitting together on the couch or on a log in front of a campfire. This Deepwater shade is one of the single color shades, but I love that it has a sparkly edge that makes the edges of the blanket pop. It is the cheapest of all the OG blankets during the sale event.

While the artists’ designs are not for sale, there are still many interesting styles that are. Particularly the fun range of fade designs, which range from general color schemes to landscape-inspired fades. I love those inspired by the mountains and the sunset. I’m partial to Rocky Mountain Sunset Fade as it’s one of the parks I visited along the way with my Rumpl blankets. I will never forget how beautiful the sun sets in that park; It really looks like this blanket.

Photography: Rumpl

The OG Puffy’s polyester cover feels similar to a sleeping bag to the touch, and I treat it like an all-season comforter—using it alone in the summers or with extra layers on colder camping trips. Even my cat likes it, which is really bad because she can’t stop kneading it with her claws. (Still holding up well, though!) Zion is one of my favorite places to camp. I camped there once a year until I got pregnant, and now I can bring a Zion-style blanket to camp (or home, pretending I am). back at Watchman Campground).

I want this print everywhere in my house. It reminds me of Pendleton’s geometric designs, but it’s a little more fun with the twist of the grizzly bear’s face – it’s polished enough for adults, but it’s also a fun design to share with kids. Honestly, I want it on my couch as much as at my campsite.

Photography: Rumpl

Do you love mosaic? Look no further than the Forest Cabin design, with its outdoor-inspired mosaic design, featuring mountains, bears, trees, and more. If you love patchwork so much that you want to use it, you can! The Rumpl Original Puffy has a cape clip for hands-free wearing of the blanket around your shoulders. Perfect for holding your cup of chocolate by the fire or your coffee on a cold morning.

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