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Rumour: Two unexpected titles to be revealed at Xbox showcase | -WhatsNew2Day


After the PlayStation event passed, which did not meet expectations despite the announcements that were made, attention now turns to the upcoming Xbox showcase event next month, June. It seems that some positive leaks have begun to find their way to the Internet in the meantime.

This information comes from the leak eXtas1stv Known for his activity in leaking information about Xbox and Microsoft studios. Where he shared earlier in the day some information he claims to have obtained from informed sources.

eXtas1stv said that two titles will be announced during the Xbox showcase event next June, as the announcement of these two titles will be a great shock to everyone, according to his description.

“The news of the event never ceases to amaze me! I’m receiving information that will leave everyone’s mouth open…that will leave them with their jaws on the floor (metaphorical description). Two unexpected games are on the way that are going to be absolutely adorable. I can only tell you, prepare to be speechless because the information coming to me has made me so…”

Well, we will try to be optimistic, despite the enthusiasm we were in before the PlayStation event and the shock we came out with after it. But the hope remains that Microsoft will take advantage of this matter in order to grab attention by excluding large advertisements during its upcoming event next month.

Microsoft has more than 25 studios, all of them working on a variety of projects, and some of them may be revealed during the upcoming event.

Microsoft also has many titles already announced, while we are waiting to get new details about it, most notably Hellblade 2, which has been under development for several years and has not yet received a release date. Also, the new Fable game that appeared once and then disappeared while the mystery swirls around its fate. Add to that the game Vowed, which got us excited when it was revealed, and we got even more excited when Phil Spencer spoke that he had a look at it recently and described it as wonderful. And let’s not forget the game Forza, the survival game Stalker 2, State of Decay 3, and many more.

Either way, we expect it to happen Xbox showcase The next one is exciting and full of announcements and special reviews that will be concluded with an in-depth review of the highly anticipated Starfield game, but what are your expectations for the two titles he is talking about eXtas1stv?

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