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Rumour: Sony Greenlights Days Gone 2 | -WhatsNew2Day


Among the recent rumors, especially after the end of the PlayStation event, there are major flounderings internally in Sony studios, from canceling some titles to wholesale layoffs. But the interesting thing recently is that there is one of the exclusive projects for the platform that may finally see the light, and according to rumors, we may see Days Gone 2 again.

It is clear, according to rumors, that Sony has changed its plans towards its developer, Bend Studio, and they are starting to return to the Days Gone 2 title. From leaker Liz Who is famous for his huge leaks with the Bungie studio, specifically with the Destiny 2 game, and he gave us a lot of ideas in advance about the Lightfall expansion before its launch at the beginning of this year.

The leaked Liz has gained the confidence of many players over the past years, and this rumor comes after the director of “Days Gone” expressed this disappointment, which is Days Gone 2, which would have been launched last month if the developer adhered to all his plans, but Bend Studio is now making a new title after That platform owner rejected any plans for a sequel.

Of course, despite the differing opinions of critics about the first part, Days Gone, the game provided a unique experience, and we believe that canceling work on a new part is a huge loss for the individual PlayStation titles. But it appears to have been sacrificed in order to divert support to the live service games that Sony has high hopes for, with 12 games now in active development.

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