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Rumour: Several unannounced PlayStation exclusives are ready to go public


The recent PlayStation Showcase conference was criticized for the lack of big announcements from first-party studios, especially for the single-player story games that Sony has long been famous for. However, the latest rumors indicate that there are many unannounced projects ready to be shown, but Sony decided not to reveal them.

It was recently alleged in an article by Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming Many of the first-party studios’ PlayStation titles that many expected to be revealed at the show were already ready to be announced, but for some reason didn’t show up at the event.

Henderson also mentioned that he saw “a few” shows that he expected to be in the PlayStation Showcase that Sony ultimately didn’t show.

Reports leading up to the event claimed that there were many unannounced games that would be revealed, and the conference was supposed to be a review of the second phase of PS5 support and disclosure of its future projects, including titles that are still far from the release date, which did not happen in the end. .

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