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Rumour: Resident Evil 9 will star Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine


Previous rumors talked about the existence of a Resident Evil 9 game in development, and thanks to a new leak from EvilHazardWe have obtained additional details about the game that are best treated as unconfirmed rumors until proven otherwise.

The most important information revealed in the leak is shown below:

  • The name of the game will be Resident Evil: ApocalIXpse, where the Latin number IX will be used, which will replace the number 9, as was the case for Resident Evil VIllage with the number VIII.
  • The game stars Chris Redfield, who we already know for being the main character in the recent installments.
  • Jill Valentine will also appear in the game, with a supporting role similar to that of Ada in Resident Evil 4. In addition, the protagonist’s sister, Claire Redfield, will appear.
  • The story will tell the truth about what happened to Chris Redfield after he left for BSAA in Europe, to continue what happened after the end of the last part.
  • It will be a single story game without any co-op gameplay.
  • Zombies will appear partially, but we will encounter legendary creatures that are failed experiments for the Umbrella Corporation.
  • The game is supposed to be officially revealed in October or November.
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