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Rumour: Project Q, a portable PlayStation, will be released in November 2023.. | -WhatsNew2Day


After a leak and quality in production, Sony officially revealed the Project Q portable PlayStation device during the recent event. And here are the rumors talking about that the device will be released in November of this year, this information comes to us from the same leak that revealed the existence of the device in the past.

Through his own account on Twitter, the leaker and the journalist said Tom Henderson Sony plans to release the recently announced mobile device in Mid or late November from this year. For its part, Sony did not reveal any details about the release date or price, except that the device is coming later this year.

The PlayStation Portable device has not yet received its final name, while Sony is calling it Project Q temporarily. The device will mainly rely on playing games through streaming in conjunction with the PlayStation 5 via Wi-Fi only. In other words, you will not be able to install and play games on this device separately.

Project Q Portable PlayStation contains an 8-inch LCD screen and includes a control system identical to the PlayStation 5 DualSense console, taking advantage of all its innovative technical features such as sensory and tactile effects, as well as the built-in sound effect.

Sony did not clarify whether the PlayStation Portable can be used to play outside the home, but what has been confirmed so far is the possibility of using Remote Play technology inside the home to pair with the PlayStation 5 and play the games installed on it remotely.

The interesting thing is that the PlayStation 5 supports broadcasting and playing games remotely on computers and phones running Android and iOS. Therefore, it may be confusing that Sony releases a mobile device with features that are freely available to users on their mobile devices. It remains to be seen what the true intent of the PlayStation Portable is worth buying when it’s fully revealed later this year. There may be more features that could make it a distinct choice over mobile phones.

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