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Rumour: GTA 6 Online may be missing one of the most important online features.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Yes, we know that, it is still too early to talk about the GTA 6 game with the absence of any official announcement, but the game leaks in the recent period have become almost accurate and revealed a lot about the game that Rockstar has been concealing for several years and still is.

The source of information is always through specific sources specialized in following up on news and leaks of Rockstar games and the GTA series in particular. This time, the famous leaker, known for his accuracy of information Tez2 Share with us details about the upcoming game servers.

According to the source, the GTA 6 Online game will miss the “dedicated servers” feature, which facilitates the process of connecting and entering groups. This means that the game may encounter difficulties during logging in, as was the case with the current GTA Online game at the time of release.

Perhaps this is an unfortunate step for Rockstar, as the source justified the reason for the lack of dedicated servers, as the parent company, Take Two, believes that this type of server is expensive.

It is noteworthy that the game GTA 5 Online has faced many difficulties and communication problems when it was launched 9 years ago. This is due to the stampede of the players at the time, which caused frequent malfunctions that caused the players to be suddenly removed from the game or it took a long time to connect and enter the competitions, and so on.

There was speculation that Rockstar and Take Two would resort to getting dedicated servers with GTA 6 Online to avoid one of the game’s current problems. Especially with the huge profits and returns that it achieved from the series, but it seems that this is not the case, at least until the moment of writing this report, based on this unofficial information.

The lack of dedicated servers for GTA 5 Online prompted players to establish separate GTA Online RP servers to become more immersive in the game by role-playing with a new character and background. This step came because of the players’ attempt to be free from the official game servers that restrict them from many of the features that they create and create through external servers, the most prominent of which are real-life servers.

Of course, although such servers have caused a great inconvenience to Rockstar and Take Two, it seems that they will transfer this problem to the next game if they adhere to the same conditions and do not provide dedicated servers for the game.

In any case, Rockstar and Take Two are still secretive about the game, and all that has been confirmed until the moment of writing this report is the presence of the next part of the Grand Theft Auto series under development, which is proceeding smoothly.

There are expectations from some analysts and media activists that there will be at least a preliminary reveal of the game during this year 2023. The release of the game will be a year after this first reveal, which is likely to be the next year’s holiday season 2024.

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